In the final episode of Che tempo che fa, Littizzetto imitates Salvini in his welcome message to Rai: “Bello ciao”

In the final episode of Che tempo che fa, Littizzetto imitates Salvini in his welcome message to Rai: “Bello ciao”

Luciana Letizito’s Farewell Monologue opinion 3 Not without jokes – and controversies – that centered on Rai’s farewell. After a series of sketches on studio furniture, “to be sold on eBay” or given to Antonella Clerici, the Turin comedian laughs about the holidays the host, Fabio Fazio, will have to allow. Review some famous faces of public service, such as Mara Venier – the protagonist of the final days of Slip on the Vibrator – and then Fazio’s challenge: «Shall we turn the political page?». “Tonight you can do whatever you want,” he said. Then we start from G7 in Hiroshima, “with Abeoko Joe Biden,” with whom Air Meloni appears to have “started a relationship.” Partly “Grandfather of Heidi and Heidi”, partly with the Prime Minister as “caregiver” to the President of the United States. After the image of the leader of the Brotherhood of Italy and Biden, Letizito showed the director the images of Giorgia Meloni, Emmanuel Macron, Meloni and Xi Jinping. Then comes the shot where you see her next to Justin Trudeau: “Here he was telling her he was worried about gay rights in Italy and she made a face…”. While “in the photo with Donald Trump’s ideologue, do you see the passion with which he looked at him?”. “How can you be so close to Biden and, together, a Trump ideologue?” the comedian asks.

And in conclusion, the classic letter «Addressed to Viale Mazzini». It begins: «Dear Rai, you started with a canal and now you have more than a gun. You are the one who has Tg1, Tg2 and Tg3 also at the moment. You who no longer have Annunziata. Here we are at the end of our relationship. We have stood up to seven governments. It’s been a really beautiful year, full of joy, hard work, great reviews, and VIP guests. Every year we encounter some bullshit as you move the channels, but we resisted: above all thanks to the millions of viewers who love us. Dear Ray, for me you are not the political party that rules you, you are Enzo Biagi, Mike Bongiorno, Piero and Alberto Angela, Beppo Bodo, Renzo Arbore, my beloved Raffaella – the list goes on -. Unusual memories leave me, and I’m also an idiot Fabio, with whom I have to go to the “test of the nine”. Thanks to Fabio for all these years together. The presenter only beats him if he gets bad results, and if he gets excellent results, he hits him twice as much. Dear Ray, let’s stay friends, who knows if we’ll meet again someday, in a different Italy, where freedom is respected. In Italy, where the minister doesn’t care what the acrobat does. Do not forget that the public service belongs to everyone, to those who rule and to those who think otherwise. ” Finally, the punchline in Salvini: «Ps Bello ciao».

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