My daughter Sylvia’s illness? At first I thought I couldn’t do that. Claire Feragny? Charity is done silently

My daughter Sylvia’s illness?  At first I thought I couldn’t do that.  Claire Feragny?  Charity is done silently

She’s fairly well known to everyone for being the wife of Paolo Bonolis, but in the last couple of years she’s also established herself as a commentator on Big Brother Vip, the Canale 5 reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini, which – for years – like whether or not it’s been like that – It is one of the most watched programs on Italian television. Her name is Sonia Bruganelli, she’s Romanian, she’s 48, she has three kids, and she definitely doesn’t tend to show up. She is a beautiful woman, she has a temper, and she doesn’t hide it.

Be honest: what is it really like on TV?
“Oh my God, what do I look like?”

Someone who wants to provoke.
“Yeah sure. I don’t want to agree. I don’t play the usual part of prissy and gne-gne good women. As a TV producer I know programs have to be given added value, so like Signorini, all I do is indulge my nature and say what I think Avoid being politically correct.”

Is she against?
“I hate it. I love those who get their hands dirty and transcend clichés. And yet I’m feisty only with those who deserve it. To Oretta Bertie, for example, I would never be rude.”

On the other hand, for Adriana Volpe, he did it all.
“Our bisexuality was supposed to be fun, but she took it seriously. It got personal. And the more she teased me, bringing out the worst in me, the more offensive I reacted.”

How did you start?
“Since childhood. Modeling graphic novels and emotions at a distance. Then in 2001 I also graduated in Communication Sciences with a thesis proposed by Paolo on Big Brother. When Signorini made me the offer, I could not refuse.”

Even after the success with “GF Vip” is she always and only “wife”?
“I think yes. All the same, if I am ever called back on TV as a columnist it is because I am doing a good job. TV does not offer discounts: if it doesn’t work you’re out. Still, when I was young, to avoid this brand – I tended to be in the spotlight – thanks to Paolo I joined the editorial board of Ciao Darwin ».

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What would you do without Bonolis?
“I don’t know, I would have been busy. I have always been afraid that I would be financially dependent on someone.”

Thanks to him he did it.
“His guardian is the one who opened a company and was able to keep it afloat. If I hadn’t shown successful Mediaset productions, they would have already said goodbye to me.

His mother is to blame, right?
“Yes, absolutely. And he behaves as if he is at home: very interested in everything, and does not allow me to spend a single euro with the company credit card ».

But how, and the six current accounts he talks about on social media, attract fierce comments?
“One belongs to the family, one is mine, one is for medical expenses… It’s just a convenience, who knows what people think.”

Sdl opened it in 2005 with Lucio Presta – agent of Bonolis, Amadeus, Clerici and many others – who sold his share three years ago, right?
“Yes. Paolo took his place. Lucio taught me everything, but I grew up wanting to benefit – even financially – from what I do. So we parted. The first year he didn’t want to, maybe he was afraid to pass in Mediaset’s eyes as the one who didn’t He wasn’t a little upset, and then we came to an agreement.”

Where would you like to go?
“I want to continue working with my company. Now, for example, I am taking care of the selection of Piero Chiambretti’s new program for Canale 5, La tv dei 101 ».

So Amadeus invites you to Sanremo?
“Impossible. His agent is Presta… Together, if we can simplify our personalities, we might be a force. We didn’t succeed.”

What is the most frequent and annoying misunderstanding about you?
“To go shopping with no strings attached to make everyone nibble. this is not true. On social media, I put things I like to have fun, not real life. I don’t brag, I play with what helps me through a lot of pain. I definitely don’t put up with the serious things I do. I am not like Chiara Ferragni, who calls press conferences.”

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Are you talking about charity?
“Exactly. Some things are done in silence (three days ago Ferragni announced that he would donate the drawings of my evening of Sanremo to an association that fights violence against women, ed.) ».

How much is he earning?
“At most like a Serie B player, even if I spend Paolo’s money and collect it. joke. Hahahahaha…”

Before the age of 50, do you think of something you want to do at any cost?
“Oh God, no. And after that, I fear old age like death, despite the many signs I have received. You should know that I have had previous dreams since I was a child. Sometimes before waking up I hear caresses and voices.”

Give an example.
“A while ago I heard a woman say to me: ‘Maria Pia is pregnant.’ I wake up, call this friend, tell her everything, and she says, ‘You’re a witch…’.” Or before my daughter Silvia’s lobotomy, the night before I used to dream of Padre Pio smiling at me. I’ve never been sincere, but I wake up and say to myself: If everything goes well, I’ll get a tattoo of his face (he shows it to me, it’s on his right wrist, ed.) ».

She recounted recently that twenty years ago, after the birth of her first daughter Sylvia, because of the neurological and motor damage she had suffered after heart surgery, she was afraid not to obey the mother’s mission: it is true that he did that too. Have much worse ideas?
“Yes. The worst. I was 27 and when I was told that my first daughter could have a terrible life, I asked myself what to do? Killing myself and giving her my life wouldn’t solve her problems, so I said to myself: Do I hope she fights forever or finds “Peace of mind somewhere else? Well, that’s what I thought. Then luckily we moved on. And built a village of love around it.”

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What do you think of those who say that disability is ultimately a gift because you understand so many other things about life?
«If one has to focus on the meaning of life through the suffering of a child, it means that it was wrong before. I wanted him to walk and run like everyone else and at the age of 20 he already had three sweethearts.”

A while ago you and Bonolis said you were going to live in separate houses, even if they were on the same floor: have you settled down?
“Not yet. However, we will still be together.”

She said some time ago that you can go a long time without seeing each other. Are you – like Luca Llorente and his wife – an open couple?
“We’re not kidding. Not being jealous and possessive is one thing, and an open relationship is another.”

In the past you said you voted for Berlusconi: did you choose a woman like Giorgia Meloni in the last election?
“No. Always Berlusconi”.

And when her husband said no to Berlusconi, who offered him the role of spokesperson for Forza Italia, what did she say to him?
“Nothing, but it is not true that he never voted for him. At that time he was supporting Vinny.”

If it wasn’t illegal what would you do?
“I’d break Hermès and Dior windows and steal all the bags. Cool.”

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