‘The government is taking urgent action’

‘The government is taking urgent action’

The unions want to be clear about the increasingly persistent rumors related to the possible sale of the Electrolux brand to Chinese multinational Midea. What is this…

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The unions want to be clear about the increasingly persistent rumors related to the possible sale of the Electrolux brand to Chinese multinational Midea. Which makes the “convening of a round table on the household appliances sector that the Viem, Fiume and Ulm government have been calling for for some time” especially in light of the announcement made on May 1 by the executive “about the strategic nature of the appliance in the face of employment, economy and industrial know-how moving Urgently requests government intervention is the National Secretary Wim, Massimiliano Nobis. On the one hand, the white goods industry is a “legacy of our country”, continues with 14 billion annual sales, and is largely related to exports, with more than 30,000 employee positions added to about 1,000,000 related industries. “We continue to ask ourselves what the government’s strategic vision is to support the home appliances sector at this point of strong recession and inflation that is constantly affecting workers’ salaries,” he adds, again adding how “urgent answers are needed” for his data sector “still.” Worrying: in 2022 production fell by 18%, (-35.7% in Q4), which highlights the difficulty of the laundry sector,” Nobis continues. “In these first months of the year, in many white establishments, there are more layoff days than work days, with great hardship for workers and their families who see their pay cut,” he continues.

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– Fim also required the same interest and speed of government intervention for the sale of Whirlpool Emea to Arcelik’s Turks, announced in the margins of the Labor Decree of May 1 «to understand how it intends to exercise the golden power to preserve the technological heritage and production and therefore employment levels. “However, at this point Nobis concludes That «we believe it is urgent that government intervention, also in light of these additional and pressing rumors, be extended to the entire large home appliances sector so that we can define a long term strategic vision to relaunch the sector for the country.The condition, in addition to the announcement, must be implemented quickly given the The Turkish and Asian multinational companies in the white sector are quickly positioning themselves in the European and Italian markets ».

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