Violence against women a. Brunetti explains the role of science in understanding the female world

Publication date: Wednesday, November 17, 2021 – news release

ROME (Current Affairs) – Interview with Professor Guido Brunetti before November 25, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women – ​​exclusive content

november 25 isInternational Day for the Elimination of Violence against WomenFounded by the United Nations in 1999. The issue is difficult, complex and sensitive. Mr Guido Brunetti Try to guide us in understanding female minds and behaviors.

“To understand the dangerous phenomenon of femicide and violence against women, it is necessary to enter the still mysterious planet of the female world, whose analysis presents the specificity and variety of complex neurobiological, mental and emotional characteristics.

From the search emerges a multifaceted personality, always in perpetual change, sometimes an indefinite picture, intersecting with chiaroscuro influences, and difficult to predict. In fact, very little is said about the woman and little or nothing is known. After the remarkable studies of Freud and other authors, it is today’s neuroscience that seeks to shed light on the mysterious aspects of women.”Gotodoro Mamelio

A cultural and scientific gap?

Certainly, ancient theories without any scientific value, stereotypes and prejudices have always characterized the female image, which since ancient times was considered “inferior” to men on a psychological, mental and social level. It is subjected to violence, humiliation, possession, control, evasion and hatred. Unfortunately, the expression is still About an ancient culture pervasive.

For women, the internal tragedy of the millennium.

Until the 20th century, most scholars believed that women were nothing more than “smaller men” in neurobiological terms and in any other sense. Therefore, little attention was paid to the personality of women and their physiology. ”

violence and humiliation…

The phenomenon of violence against women and femicide has increased in recent times. There are many women murder victims, one every three days. The great health, economic, social and moral crisis brought about by the pandemic – as Brunetti explains – has had an alluvial effect on the emotional, mental and social structure of the individual, with serious repercussions in society. A fact that further emphasizes the urgency and importance of the issue we are studying.

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violence? It is transgressive, transgressive, transitive. It is strength. A physical or verbal act of one individual towards another that causes biological, psychological and sexual harm. Violence has a neurobiological significance found in the oldest structure of the human brain. It is a destructive and self-destructive innate impulse, influenced by experiences and the social and cultural environment.

For us, the concept of violence transcends these dimensions. As we have already discussed on other sites with Professor Giovanni Puglia, the father of child neuropsychiatry in Italy, a process rape At the planetary level, its understanding is connected not only with the economic crisis, but above all with the social, moral and spiritual crisis.

We are witnessing an unstoppable decline in the values ​​and principles that have underpinned civilization for thousands of years. A fluid world arises, insecure, anxious, opaque, elusive, devoid of certain points of reference.

What about violence against women?

“Violence against women is considered a ‘global scourge’, a health problem of ‘great proportions’ (United Nations). There is an emergency with serious delays in both European and Italian politics, lack of modern visions, unprepared personnel, social and political underestimation of the phenomenon and a lot more. From rhetoric and a lot of hypocrisy.”Bratton Pharmacy 1 Alamelio Cave

What is the contribution of feminism and the sexual revolution?

Feminist scholars, as well as many feminist experts, have announced the declining role of women, who are increasingly similar to men, in the competition for power. Over time, the feminist movement and the sexual revolution failed, due to the presence of aspects of utopia and discontent and the unresolved process of “emancipation” of women. Inverted masculine chauvinism emerged. The woman became a guinea pig, a bargaining chip, turned into a womb, a substance, an object of pleasure. His freedom is a false freedom. The fact is that a woman who today occupies a prominent position both professionally and intellectually angers if she is identified as a feminist.”

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You, Professor Brunetti, have mentioned scientific advances in women’s knowledge.

“We are entering an era where we are beginning to discover great female abilities. Indeed, in recent years, neuroscience has shown exciting new discoveries about a woman’s personality in terms of brain structure, mental processes, sexual impulses, and behaviours.

Women are no longer “inferior” to men, as women enjoy, among other things, genetic and immune system superiority along with sympathetic superiority.

The research then discovered that a woman’s neurological aspects, such as the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and childcare, are relevant components of her cognitive, social, and emotional development.”

Are you saying that women have special gifts?

“They have a unique brain structure.

The first differences in the brain appear as early as the eighth week of fetal development. Other research has indicated that less than 24 hours after birth, a newborn responds to another newborn’s cry. From a year ago, the girls gained a sense of empathy, became more sensitive to the suffering of others. ”Vivacious3 banner ilmamilio

What are the other essential features?

“And there are a lot of them. Women acquire unique and unusual qualities, such as verbal agility, the ability to decipher feelings and moods, form deep social bonds, the ability to smooth out conflicts, and nurture the people around them. By the age of two, they have a vocabulary three times richer than Those of the boys. In fact, they started talking earlier. They are adept at reading facial expressions and emotional nuances.

It has also been discovered that hormones have tremendous neurological effects and adapt the female brain to the point where they perceive reality and their way of life in a different way. The hormonal influence is important at all stages of female development. Motherhood, for example, causes massive hormonal changes, transforming the female brain, altering her structure and functioning.”

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There are many theories, often conflicting and contradictory to each other. It was Freud who discovered child sexuality, emphasizing its centrality also to the genesis of every form of sexual perversion and neurosis.

Women’s sexual circuits are associated with oxytocin, a substance that promotes, among other things, healing and emergence behaviors. Maternal influences contribute to the development of sexual differences.

Neuroscientists have proven that they are essential difference Of feminine nature compared to masculine. It is the gender identity of the brain that determines whether people do it or not they feel female or male. The female brain and the male brain have Different Sex systems also relate to sexual drives and love, a feeling that constitutes one of the most irrational states of the brain that can be assumed.

What conclusions should be drawn?

So there is scientific evidence for the differences between female and male brains. The brains of men and women look “different” at birth. Our brains are different and so are our minds.

Today, remarkable progress has been made in the fields of genetics, neuroscience, biology, neurohormonal development and thanks to remarkable technologies Mind Fantasies They define – the famous author identifies – a scientific revolution aimed not only at disrupting the methods of diagnosis and treatment in medicine and psychiatry, but our worldview and our millenarian concepts, starting with philosophical systems.

Therefore, there is a need – concludes Professor Brunetti – to use and enhance all the talents of the woman’s brain in order to promote the preservation of the species and the progress of mankind.”

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