Pioli, AC Milan: “Training champions is easy. There are problems with those who think they are and are not.”

Stefano PioliThe Milan coach, spoke to the club’s official channels on various topics related to his profession, starting with how to switch between one post and another: “The only time I honestly can disconnect for a few days is during the layoff. Because our coordination now expects seven games in twenty days, and from Obviously you can’t disconnect. My wife often says to me, “I’m talking but you don’t listen to me”, because obviously the thoughts and the head always go there. Instead, during the break, the first week that there’s no commitment a day Sunday, I can do some cycling, some rowing, or just walk the dog and think of something else. Like you I really like watching sports, it relaxes me. When there is no match, I manage to disconnect a little. I like to play in the evening, I finish the match in the morning and in the early afternoon I was able to have more time to prepare, and I am getting better.”

when pulling:
“I was very used to withdrawing, both as a player and as a coach. Now, on the other hand, 3-4 years have passed, first in Florence and now here in Milan we don’t back down. When we play in the evening at San Siro and then the next morning we train in Milanello and spend The whole day together. Even away we leave in the morning and then play in the evening. We prefer to rest after the game here in Milanello, especially when we play during the week. The players and I see that we do not need to go to camp the night before, quite the contrary. Lets us stay At home we can be calmer and more focused too. Retreats were once grouped, we were together, and we played cards. Now iPad, computer, headphones. Everyone has their own little world.”

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on the fans:
“It is important to have support and confidence, especially in what we went through without fans. We understood how much we needed it, and it is important to make them live the matches with such enthusiasm.”

on sample management:
“The difficulty lies above all with our teammates, not with our teammates. When we talk about champions we are talking about champions on a human and professional level. They have such strong internal competitiveness that it is not difficult to train them. It is the relationship that is created with others…what You do with the hero can create some situations that are somewhat on the edge. In the end, in my opinion, the difference always makes the people in the group you train smarter. These heroes are demanding and uplifting the whole environment. The problem is when you find people or players in Ordinary quotes they think instead are something more.”

How do you communicate during the match?
“I would like to do it more, I would also give time-out in football. Then I would also for real time in football, I would make time in the middle of the first half to be more specific, more precise in my interjection; then obviously I convey everything In the interval. I try to combine some precise technical tactical positions with a little bit of motivation to make the rest of the match go well.”

With the help of collaborators:
I want suggestions and ideas, but then I decide. But I want suggestions, especially if they are different from my own because they can lead to some better results. What I like the most right now is setting up the strategy with my collaborators and knowing what they’re going to bring me, figuring out what they’re going to do and then putting it all together and making the final decision. I like it more when my decisions are right (laughs, editor), but I said “You were right, we did as you thought.” What is important is to make a proposal, it means work, preparation, passion and the desire to make a contribution.”

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