Picaia – Genoa Science Festival 2023. Program and champions

Picaia – Genoa Science Festival 2023. Program and champions

barely 250 events in 11 days, spread over 35 locations, with the participation of 300 guests and more than 500 young people Between the animators and the students they rotate school work. These are some numbers Twenty-first edition of Genoa Science Festivalthe leading international event for spreading scientific culture, which this year revolves around the keyword FingerprintsHe is on schedule From Thursday, October 26 to Sunday, November 5, 2023. They are active toTo sell tickets online On the Science Festival website (www.festivalscienza.it) and the call center Free for information and reservations on 0108934340.

One month before the event began, with the program not yet revealed, it had already been revealed Nearly 2,400 season tickets were sold In Early Bird mode, which is double compared to last year in the same promotion period. «Buy a season pass unseen – Reviews Chairman of the Science Festival Marco Pallavicini – It’s a great idea Show affection and trust towards the festival Which we certainly will not ignore. There will be eleven days of conferences, workshops, exhibitions, performances and special events intended for visitors of all age groups and knowledge levels, to Telling science in an authoritative, innovative, and engaging way».

«The twenty-first edition program – adds Fulvia mangilifestival director – almost finished but already there Much of it can be viewed on the website Festivalscienza.it. In the last two weeks, in parallel with the launch of the Early Birds program, we have opened For the first time, pre-registration is for teachers: I am About a thousand teachers Those who enthusiastically participated in this innovation were contacted by our staff in the last days to complete their reservation. For teachers who do not have time to pre-register, the toll-free call center is open to schedule an appointment to visit their classroom. The festival this year is also large and diverse, and there will be space for everyone, with events capable of satisfying all tastes.”

And for Involving and introducing more and more young people to scientific specializationsall festival conferences Free for under 18s and, as of this year, students Those who present their university card at the entrance and for course students Higher technical education Created by ITS institutions in Liguria. “An initiative that was launched last year and that we also want to replicate and implement in this edition – continues Mangili – in order to reach an increasingly younger and more intelligent segment. Making scientific culture accessible to everyone».

Preview heroes

day ofOpening of the twenty-first session of the Science FestivalThursday, October 26, 2023 For the first time, not scientists will take the stage, but artists who firmly believe in the synergistic relationship between art and science and in the need to build a better future for humanity together.

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The first guest is the artist Michelangelo Pistoletto Who, as part of his extraordinary world tour to mark his 90th birthday, graces the festival with his passionate lecture on the relationship between art and science, a topic he also addresses in his latest book Creation formula.

In the evening he is an actor and director Marco Paolini To lead the audience by stopping in his tour World factory In passionate reflection on topics such as energy, the environmental crisis, the plunder of natural resources, climate change, and the evolution of species and technologies.

Over the next ten days, as always, it will be the scientists who take to the festival stages. Big international names to talk about cosmology and astrophysics: from Brian Cox Physicist and well-known BBC science communicator and cosmologist Thomas Hertog, Who was one of Stephen Hawking’s closest collaborators, but he was also an astrophysicist Betty Hartman And Anita Wojnarwhich develops thinking about the gender gap and the current relationship between STEM disciplines and women.

With the word footprints, we cannot miss a space dedicated to archaeological science, which studies human civilizations and cultures of the past and their relationships with the environment. They speak at the festival Marcella Frangipanian expert archaeologist in the Anatolian region, where the concept of society was born, ed Elisabetta Boaretoan Italian/Israeli scientist who explains how trees help understand man’s relationship with the environment and the way the environment has influenced human civilization.

He talks about genetic imprinting, from the origin of the human species to the prevention and treatment of rare diseases Giuseppe Remozi, Director of the Mario Negri Institute for Pharmaceutical Research. The fight against HIV has been one of the main challenges of medicine, and today the study of this virus and gene therapy make it possible to treat some rare diseases: he explains at the festival Alessandro Aiottihead of the Pediatric Clinical Research Unit at Tiget, San Rafael Telethon Institute for Gene Therapies, which also traces the history of the “evil of the century.”

Capturing the brain’s fingerprint is the ambition of scientists around the world. New technologies help to do just that: delve deeper into the topic Michela Mattiolia neuroscientist and coordinator of the Neurological Center at the Humanity University Hospital in Milan, who spoke at the festival about brain plasticity, that is, the brain’s property of modifying itself, adapting to the world and repairing itself. Robert Stickgold And antonio Zadra, Neuroscientists, among the world’s most renowned specialists on the subject, propose an innovative theory that recognizes dreams as a tool for understanding the meaning of information embedded in memory.

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Ecological footprint, or the measure of humans’ consumption of the natural resources produced by the Earth. There are many scholars who have approached this topic from different perspectives at the festival, beginning with Paolo Venis, Enrico Giovannini And Luca Savarino Which, along with luca cara, They discuss the most useful scientific, social and political strategies to address the challenges of global warming and biodiversity reduction, while… Giorgio Vaciano And Elisa Palazzi Exploring the synergistic relationship between forest health and climate change.

The word artificial intelligence is on everyone’s lips. But what is it really? What is the relationship with natural intelligence? Where can you go? Should we be afraid of him? They discuss all this with the audience Angel channela biologist specializing in computational neuroscience and Marco Hernandez, physicist, expert in artificial intelligence algorithms. It expresses itself precisely through algorithms, their non-neutrality and related consequences Teresa Numericophilosopher of technology and Donata ColombroExpert in data humanization.

Robots are now truly among us, although different from those in science fiction stories. For example, wearable robots to improve the quality of life of people with brain deficiencies, they explain Domenico Praticizzoan expert in robotics for rehabilitation purposes and Simone Rossineurologist and neurophysiologist.

Robotics and artificial intelligence are based on algorithms that require increasingly high-performance computers. Even for the quantum computer they talk about at the festival Ilaria SiloiAnd computational physics Sabrina Maniscalco,Deputy Director of the Center of Excellence for Quantum Technologies in Helsinki, with Leonardo Quattrocchithe youngest advisor to the European Center for Political Strategy of the European Commission, still has to wait, Antonio ZuccoliPresident of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics, H Michela Milanan expert in artificial intelligence, reveals the extraordinary prospects but also the critical issues of new supercomputing devices.

Marking Genoa, book capital 2023, The project finds a place in the festival’s large schedule of conferences Read about scienceA, dedicated to the value of reading as a tool for approaching science: a series of engaging meetings with Italian authors of the latest popular science books. There will be among other things Beatrice Motinoauthor and podcaster It takes science, With his new book dedicated to the science of cosmetics, W Vincenzo Schettinithe most famous physics professor on the Internet for his project The physics we loveWho returns to the festival after the exceptional success he achieved last year to present a preview of his new book, in which he talks about the most famous figures in history.

2023 anniversary and key themes

As is the case with conferences, there are many topics covered among them Exhibitions and workshops During the twenty-first session of the Science Festival. give her Human footprints in history And in the prehistory of those found in the animal world, with a closer look at them Biodiversity and its protection. Very large space allocated for Sustainability And scientific research for environment protection, topics dedicated to the entire Piazza delle Feste area of ​​Porto Antico, the heart of the regular workshops for children and teenagers. Other major themes of the new editionartificial intelligence And the Roboticsand is increasingly widespread in people’s lives.

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The role of students is essential in the Science Festival Associated scientific bodiesAll of them are in the program with projects of high scientific quality. Moreover, this year we will celebrate two important anniversaries: i One hundred years Since founding National Research Council Hey The first twenty years SubordinateItalian Institute of TechnologyThese are two great privileges regarding the present and future of scientific research in our country. The two festival partners are present at this event according to tradition with many events, among which CNR a stands out Duke’s Palace Exhibition Anthropocene. Earth in iron and fire To think about human impact on the planet, and to do so a Mitilino Palace The opposite of biologya multimedia exhibition on the boundaries between art and science about the relationship between robots and the natural world.

In the year of its centenary, the festival is also celebrating with workshops, meetings and performances Italo Calvinothe great writer of the twentieth century whose works show his exceptional interest in the developments of science and their cognitive implications.

Today, robots and artificial intelligence have become an integral part of our daily lives: the festival offers the opportunity to get to know them closely for informed use. In fact, our lands are facing the challenge with the project Lifts – Robotics and artificial intelligence for social and economic empowerment, a large network project coordinated by the National Research Council, the Italian Institute of Technology and the University of Genoa with support from the Liguria Region, as part of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. The topics covered by the project range from urban technologies to promote inclusion in new robotic devices and smart environments for vulnerable people, but also to the development and monitoring of technologies for human and marine environments. Real festival hosts Raise the villageWhere between the demonstrations, meetings and immersive experiences it will be possible to look to our future with optimism.

Program is about to expire, ticket information and call center www.festivalscienza.it.

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