Marmolada under close watch.

Marmolada under close watch.

“Since last year, the Marmolada area has been closely monitored,” he said. He made it clear Fabrizio DiBlasi, a glaciologist at the National Research Council’s Institute of Polar Sciences, one year after the tragic event involving the glacier region. In fact, on July 3, 2022, about 64,000 tons of water, ice, and rock debris suddenly detached from the Marmolada complex in the Dolomites, creating an avalanche that engulfed and killed 11 climbers, while injuring 7 others. “The event was defined by the artistic claimant himself as unpredictable, since there was, in Marmolada, no historical remembrance of a similar event, nor any idea that something of the sort had occurred,” De Blasie said.

“During this year – Follow de Blasie – Numerous observations have been made and various research projects have been developed to understand the reasons for the separation.” “Among the various institutes that have contributed to the research activities, the Autonomous Province of Trento has, through various services, authorized the completion of these projects.” “Since last year the area has been closed at least until October, and this year it was decided to open the ascent routes to the glacier, to reach Punta Peña through the mountaineering path that ascends the glacier up to Dorso del Mule”De Blasie continued. “The last law from the province of Trento, however, is to keep the glacier refuge closed, at Pian dei Fiacconi, just below the glacier tongue.”

“The idea is to carry out an extensive program to carefully evaluate the development of the entire Marmolada glacier body, not just a small niche, already separated from the main body, involved in the avalanche.”DeBlasi said. During this monitoring program, CNRIn conjunction with the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, it organized a radar survey in February to calculate the depth of the glacier; Various measurements have been taken from a helicopter to understand the amount of ice currently present in Marmolada and we have been processing the data in recent weeks.De Blasie stressed.

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“We are in very close contact with the County of Trento to implement the best possible monitoring programme; at the end of the summer we will participate in technical meetings to define the guidelines that will be applied to the glacier control measures”De Blasie said. “We would like to use the Marmolada Glacier Complex as a case study, which serves as a sample, to implement a targeted research program also at other glaciers and develop monitoring techniques different from those implemented to date,” de Blasie concluded.

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