There is a festival of science and art

There is a festival of science and art

Three days of free events for audiences of all ages that combine discovery, fun, passion, music and experimentation. Guests include astrophysicist Amedeo Balbi, actress Federica Rossellini (already on stage with Solaris), black hole researcher Gabriel Gisellini, actor and maestro Roberto Herlitska, jazz pianist (and chemist) Umberto Petrine. “Mystery is the primary emotion that lies in the sources of real art and real science,” Albert Einstein apparently would say. And it is precisely this spirit that drives the first edition of the Là fuori Festival of Science and Art, which will accompany visitors and spectators of all ages from Friday 10 to Sunday 12 June in the spaces of Villa Lazzaroni in Rome (Via Appia Nuova 522) on a journey of discovery of beauty, from music and theater to The wonderful secrets of the universe, from darkness to light, from the very small to the infinitely distant from us.

The festival is an ideal continuation of a project promoted by the Associazione Insiemi di Scienza born in the schools of the southeastern suburbs of Rome, a path to bring girls between 8 and 12 years old into a scientific thinking between stem, theater and music. “At a time when scientific knowledge plays an essential role in our lives, but is often seen as specialized and elite knowledge, we wanted to imagine initiatives that could demonstrate the deep bond that unites science and art, and work especially in the suburbs,” he explained Eduigi Bezzoli and Matteo Albaroni of the Insiemi Science Association. “In recent months, experiments through workshops and meetings have allowed young people to discover that science is something accessible, conducive to understanding the world, and which can do wonders as much as art. Science should not be ‘little’:

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In addition to afternoon performances and workshops for children and teens (Saturday and Sunday, 4-6 pm), at this first edition of Là Fuori there will be appointments with internationally renowned scholars and award-winning artists loved by the general public. Among the main events: The Ninth Planet Dialogue. House of Arts and Sciences with Amedeo Balbi, Umberto Petrine and Federica Rossellini moderated by David Quiro Borga (6/10, 7.30 p.m.); Scientific tale atoms. From Democracy to Wall Street with Angelo Volpiani (6/11/6 p.m.); Show the imperfect universe. Music and Science Stories with Sarah Franceschini and Tulia Sparato (06/11/7:30 p.m.); The Science Story Over Human: Machines and Learning in the Age of Artificial Intelligence with Teresa Numerico (6/12, 6 p.m.); Moderated by the dialogue “United in Science, Diverse in Unity: Art and Science in Search of Beauty” with Gabriel Gisellini and Roberto Herlitska, moderated by Roberta Fulci.

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