Video Game History Foundation accuses Nintendo of destroying video game history –

The Video Game History Foundation did not spend kind words nintendoaccusing her, actively destroy there History of video games. the reason? Announcing the closure of the Wii U and 3DS eShops in March 2023, which will result in the disappearance of only a thousand digital games, some exclusive to the two platforms, that will not be legally playable in the future. In any case.

The Video Game History Foundation, which, as the name suggests, is involved in the preservation of video games, posted a message on Twitter accusing Nintendo of not doing enough to ensure that the games it was about to launch were properly preserved.

Of course, the Video Game History Foundation understands the economic reasons behind choosing Mario for the house, but it doesn’t appreciate Nintendo’s behavior as a whole: “What we don’t understand is what Nintendo intends to do for those fans who want to play those games in the future. As a funded member of the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), Nintendo is also pushing to prevent libraries from legally providing access to these games. Not providing commercial access is understandable, but preventing organizations from working to preserve these games is a behavior actively destructive to the video game record.

The letter ends with an appeal to ESA and Nintendo to review their positions on the issue and to begin working with existing institutions to find a solution.

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