Sony will not transfer other sales data –

Sony will not transfer other sales data –

The production cycle From PS4 officially Been completedwhich means that Sony It will not reveal more information regarding the sales of the former flagship. So there was a reason these indicators were not present in the company’s most recent tax report.

So the 117.2 million PS4 sold is the final number and we imagine at this point it won’t be updated. Transition from Playstation 4 to me PlayStation 5 In short, it ended, albeit in a somewhat unusual way.

In fact, we’re used to seeing manufacturers old and new models side by side in stores, aiming to empty the warehouses of the former with a rather aggressive offer policy, which wasn’t necessary for PS4: basically There was no leftover food To get rid of.

It’s also unusual for the shelved console to remain officially supported the way Sony is, as God of War Ragnarok will be released on November 9, which at this point we can consider the platform’s swan song in terms of first-party exclusives.

On the third party side, however, the situation is quite different and the PS4’s very large install base will trigger a calendar of still-packed releases in the coming months, as usual.

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