Bright and youthful apartment with terrace, where everything is specially designed

Bright and youthful apartment with terrace, where everything is specially designed

Owners of this House 65 square meters, located in the Arturo Soria neighborhood of Madrid, are the same authors as the project. María José de Blas and Rubén Picado, founders of the studio Picado de Blas ArquitectosThey wanted to design an independent space for their children, Mateo and Candela. All four are architects, and this unique space, which had been in a state of disrepair, presented a challenge for them when it came to inventing a home that reflected the spirit of the neighbourhood, the openness to the outside and the flora that is so prized in the city. .

The house is located on the top floor of an apartment building and has a public terrace directly above it: “The house had dampness in the ceiling, it was very dilapidated and very dark, with enclosed spaces. That’s why we called it ‘the house.’ ‘The cave,’ the architects explain, Who achieved a stunning transformation with the initial goal of flooding the entire interior with light and they have succeeded renewalnatural light became the protagonistapartment Thanks to the full-height glazing that connects the green balcony with the space reserved for the living room with fireplace and the linear kitchen (sometimes hidden behind accordion doors). Naturally, this light also passes through the house on the other facade thanks to the windows opened in the walls dividing the interior, providing transparency and a comprehensive view of the apartment: “The typology is the passage of the dwelling, and this quality is used to generate the transparencies between the west-facing balcony and the two bedrooms and a dressing room.” Clothes located in the East, moreover, the partitions between the spaces are open and move like furniture,” the authors explain.

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Alberto Amores Montiel

The partition walls and plywood furniture are made of Garnica Plywood.

Salon with chiminea and muebles de madeira clara in northern stylecom.pinterest
Alberto Amores Montiel

The carpentry work was done by Alma Ebanistería and the flooring by Solados de Poligar. All the furniture in the house was designed by Picado de Blas Arquitectos.

Camouflage kitchen with door and table with burriquitascom.pinterest
Alberto Amores Montiel

Hidden kitchen, designed by Picado-de Blas Arquitectos. Candela picado de plas floor lamp. Dividers and furniture are plywood and garnica plywood. On the table, ceramics by Fernando Alcalde.

Room with fireplace and tablecom.pinterest
Alberto Amores Montiel

Picado De Plas Candle Lamps.

Living room with fireplace and bookshelfcom.pinterest
Alberto Amores Montiel

Background image of Picado de Blas Candela and Eclipse fireplace by Picado De Blas Arquitectos. Wallpaper by Nacho Rabadan.

The exterior can be seen from anywhere in the apartment, even from the bathroom’s gorgeous walk-in shower, which is located right in the middle of the floor. The most curious thing is that the color of the vegetation on the balcony changes with the seasons, modifying the shades of the interiors. At night, the outside light is replaced by the fire of an Eclipse fireplace and lamps designed by her daughter, Candela Picado de Blas, who often turns the multifunctional room into her design and art studio.

The furniture is made to measure and specifically for the home. Pieces that can utilize all the space and create comfortable environments filled with nature. Moreover, the difference in height between one room and another was exploited to create wardrobes and storage units. Design, all of it, with the Nordic air that we love and that combines so wonderfully with natural light, fabrics or artwork in Candela.

Pasta with coated madeiracom.pinterest
The northern dormitories are separated by tabiquecom.pinterest
Alberto Amores Montiel

Azkarai blankets.

Ducha Amarilla with Crystal Ventcom.pinterest

Alberto Amores Montiel

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