Black Friday has already begun on Amazon: the best PC peripherals at a discount

Black Friday has already begun on Amazon: the best PC peripherals at a discount

The Black Friday period has officially begun, which means we’re all prey to deals on the best gaming peripherals.

For those who have managed to be a little disciplined, it is possible to make purchases of a certain value, and perhaps buy a gift for a better gaming experience, at very low prices simply by waiting for the moment when the e-commerce platform smiles. Always gives the green light to Black Friday week discounts.

Shop to do, the best gaming peripherals on Amazon now – (

Discounts that are unpredictable but can still be obtained quickly and finalized in an instant. If you are looking for something for your gaming experience and are looking for a keyboard to replace the one that is now starting to show clear signs of failure due to too many sessions and too little key pressing, we are here. Offers in all price categories And able to please even the most beautiful players.

PC peripherals, these are the best on Amazon

Finding a good keyboard, or even a good Bluetooth keyboard and mouse combo, is like finding a pair of shoes. Everyone has their own way of using PC peripherals, which means the best of the best may not be the best for you. The first skimming that can be done is to look for people who have it More comfortable key layout If most use in games.

If you are looking for something that is clearly higher quality The first name is Asus ROG In fact, you can find on Amazon, for example, Customizable Azoth wireless With OLED display, keycaps and RGB lighting reduced by about 50 euros compared to the list price. Instead it costs around 80 euros each Logitech G Pro TKL Keyboard Designed for gaming with Lightsync RGB technology.

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Black Friday deals on games and peripherals at great prices
keyboard? Mouse and keyboard? Amazon offers express pickup – (

The keyboard is roughly the same size as the Azoth keyboard, and is slightly longer because it features a Numeric keys And arrows that the Azoth do not have. The price has dropped a little but moving on to the wired versions we have Corsair k55 RGB Pro XT Its price of around 55 euros is a bargain, especially if you are looking for… Very durable product. In fact, the keyboard is certified resistant to dust and any liquid leakage.

To complete the report, it is clearly RGB backlighting. Some sets are on sale instead in the complete mouse set. This is the situation Red Thunder K10 with Rechargeable battery 3000mAh, LED lighting and anti-ghosting system. For longer, a second version with a 3800 mAh rechargeable battery is also available, but this is the one with a Spanish keyboard.

The last thing to note is the keyboard MSI Vigor GK 50 Elite Mechanical With a very simple yet powerful design, mysterious RGB LED lighting and Italian design. The MSI Vigor exists in six other versions but only the GK 50 Elite BW is on sale on Black Friday.

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