The patch made many bosses weaker, without being officially revealed –

The patch made many bosses weaker, without being officially revealed –

elden ring It’s a tough game, but we know that for FromSoftware and Miyazaki, the difficulty is just a tool, not an end. Perhaps for this reason, the authors Make multiple bosses easier, with the latest patch. However, the information was not publicly disclosed in the patch notes, but was discovered by the YouTube Illusory Wall account.

Specifically, Illusory Wall states that boss fights That required facing more than one enemy at a time has been simplified. The enemies will be less aggressive and will not attack the player at the same time.

Of course, in Elden Ring it is possible – even playing offline – to get a file help Against all boss battles, summon spirits that can distract opponents. However, these spirits have to be found and strengthened, so it’s possible that some players won’t be able to come up with the correct answer for some battles. The best option is to formally modify the behavior of these enemies.

Elden Ring vs the tree keeper

It is also interesting that FromSoftware It was not disclosed that he introduced this change. Perhaps the team didn’t want or could invest the time to write a full patch note, or they decided not to reveal that they simplified some clashes, since for many the team is synonymous with difficulty at any cost.

Speaking of what has already been announced, we point out that the complete official guide to the Elden Ring, here’s what it will reveal.

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