The three cases will be treated for the twenty-sixth day

26Match day in the Italian Serie A In addition to the classic tips for Fantasy Football, there are also things to consider 3 ballot papers to administer. Many of the exact cases we want to focus on, we naturally try to advise you in the best possible way. In the twenty-sixth round of the Italian Serie A, here are the three ballot papers which we have identified: Dzeko-Lautaro (Inter); Basalek Pesina (Atalanta); Morata Kane (Juventus).

Fantasy football tips, round 26 of the Italian Serie A: How to manage these three polls

How do you run the top 3 Fantasy Football ballots in preparation for the 26th match of Serie A? The exact cases follow each other day by day, that is also why we are here, trying to advise you in the best way and trying to identify the most important headaches in each shift. To avoid leaving the rewards on the bench, let’s try to explain On three ballot papers to manage the twenty-sixth round of the Italian Serie A specified by us (the appeal is addressed to both the owners of one of them and to those who have both), also with reference to for our potential formations.

  • Dzeko Lautaro (Inter) – It seems that the only safe in the place is Alexis Sanchez, which is the reason for the narrow ballot between Eden Dzeko and Lautaro Martinez. The Bosnian is advancing a little, but quite a bit: for this reason, without any certainty as to who will start off the bench, we advise you calmly to involve them both. Moreover, Sassuolo’s defense cannot be bypassed, which is why we can expect many goals, both at the beginning of the match and at the end of the match. Undoubtedly, the problem is more sensitive for those who have both, but if you don’t have great alternatives, you can seriously consider spreading them both. In case you only had to pick one, Dzeko might be better right now.
  • Basalek Pesina (Atalanta) The former should have a slight advantage, but even then the polling is narrow. The game is not very simple, but not extravagant, especially for those who have to score: in fact, we expect a game full of goals, which is why we can definitely play with a player like Pasalic. With Pesina, on the other hand, you can be more economical: it naturally depends on the alternatives available to you, but given that he can also be seen as a midfielder during the match, you will probably find better this round. Between the two of course, we advise you to bet on Pasalic without any kind of doubt in this case.
  • Morata Kane (Juventus) – For the owner in this case the official teams will come to your rescue. If you have both, we advise you to enter the one who will start from the first minute and at the moment should be Alvaro Morata. The Spaniard is performing well as a winger and could even return to the bonus given the confidence Allegri gives him, we advise you to involve him, perhaps in his case even if he started from the bench (if only you have it in the team). On the other hand, if you have Kane, take the chance if he is the owner, otherwise it is better to bet on someone who is more reliable from the point of view of playing time.
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