Victories Nikita Pelizon, second Oriana Marzuli-

Victories Nikita Pelizon, second Oriana Marzuli-

After six long months of broadcasting, the seventh edition of Big Brother VIP Its winner: Nikita Pelizon. During the last episode, there have been many feelings for the enthroned queen since then the television. In addition to the media triumph, he has actually been able to count on a great success on a personal level: his parents, who have always been negative To her passion for the world of entertainment, they go to visit her to mend the relationship with her. with his pregnant sister granddaughter.

a family reunion Which, if possible, has hurt the hearts of #Nikiters, fierce fans of Fibonna since the first hour. Born in Trieste on March 20, 1994, Pelizon had already participated in the last edition of «Beijing Express» On Sky, with model Helena Prestes. She finished fourth, one step short of the final. today, Rescue. A well-deserved comeback, thanks to the story “good fairy”so Fibona wanted to tell the viewers.

He built his character day by day, claiming to talk to him Angels and unicorns. Results? Her roommates alienated her, considering her a Wednesday Addams type of color. Nikita hugged an Etruscan teddy bear, and he cherished it Distrust of others, who suffers from permanence in Cinecittà as a kind of ataraxic hermit. During the edition, the authors let her ex-boyfriend into the house Matthew Diamant He was going to get it back. failed mission.

Pelizon played alone and arrived alone to victory Because he expected it from the start. There are no distractions, other than excitement Unrequited crushing For former tronista Luca Onestini. Nikita’s attention was overwhelmed by Vippone, a man of one meter and ninety. Forced to walk weeks after weeks near the wall to avoid it, we saw it elimination on television One step away from the final, perhaps for lese-majeste against the person who would have been the winner of the reality show.

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Surgical options implemented by Nikita Very few interactions who wanted to weave it: before it becomes Freddy Krueger Onestini, was linked to a young TikToker George Ciupilan, and is very popular on social networks. Their “ship”, which was apparently never consumed, allowed them to do so intrusion Golden boy her fans, gaining a following and a welcome. His also worth noting friendshipsWith the most controversial contestant of this edition, Antonella Fiordellisi.

TRUE bogeyman from home, but Nikita was so loved by the audience, he was first criticized, and then Wonderful companion. The only one who stayed close to her and held her even in the minute moaning phase that followed the exclusion of her boyfriend, Eduardo Donamaria. Pelizon sacrificed itself in place of all other competitors, pretending (or really trying?) an interest towards the curly-haired influencer, when she realized how powerful she was to viewers. The aforementioned attention has allowed her to do so Expand further General approval contributing to the final victory.

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Final victory which Pelizon has already snatched from bitter rival Oriana Marzoli, made it to the final episode of Pops and came out as Cardinal. She and her Inseparable lipstick They had to settle for the second step of the platform. with obvious contempt. to Third placeAlberto de Besis who, surprisingly, outperformed other finalists Giel de Donna and highly favourable Edoardo Tavassi, trailed to fifth. Well deserved victory That Nikita Pelizon with whom he always played Grace and strategy To get to the top, which is exactly where the public wants it to be confrontation.

for him coronation Closes a version marked with excessive severity And self-control imposed by Mediaset’s top management in a historic and futile crusade against Garbage. Many believe that with Nikita he won a prizeeducation On the roughness And about vulgarity. Shareable copy, but partial. Thanks to Pelizon, it was the winner pure account. With all due respect to exuberance and spontaneity. Look stern and resolute, Nikita break the bank Big brother casino vip.

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