Marco Bocchi, the betrayal is there for all to see: and yet he seemed so fond

Marco Bocchi, the betrayal is there for all to see: and yet he seemed so fond
Marco Bocchi Solo Spettacolo

Marco Bocchi’s betrayal stunned everyone, they looked like a united and reliable couple. What will happen?

she is beautiful Marco Puccia gorgeous actor who catches the eye with his magnetic gaze, Mediterranean features and dark colors, like a dark handsome man.

Loved for roles like Commissioner Nicholas Scalea in a series of strikes criminal novel And above all, my beloved Deputy Commissioner Dominic Calcaterra in Antimafia Squad But not only.

In addition to acting in various series and movies, ranging from dramas to comedies as well as in the funny Sorry if found! Next to very good Paula CortelsiAnd pokey He also tried his hand at directing.

In 2019 we saw him in action with the property It never rains in Tor Bella Monacawhile this year try again with the hunt.

the disease

A recent guest hyenas Marco Pucci He revealed that he was ill, and his drama story impressed the viewers who listened to his confession. In May 2018, the actor was hospitalized with a high fever, and was diagnosed with it Meningoencephalitis. The disease, in his case caused by herpes, had reached his brain and left him without a part of his memory.

He explained: “Today I don’t recognize friends’ faces, and I can even watch a movie six times before I realize I’ve actually seen it. I remember so few anecdotes from my childhood that my friends call me: “But who? but where? but when?’ Because I repeat these questions over and over again. I live with Google Maps because I can’t remember the streets of the towns I grew up around.”

Marco Bocchi and Emma Maroney – Solo Spettacolo

The betrayal of Marco Pucci

will forget Marco Pucci Also the story of treason with his ex-wife? The actor is now happily married to his colleague Laura Chiatti who fathered two children, Ennis and PaulBefore meeting her in 2014, he was engaged to the singer Emma Brown. And at that time there was talk of treason on two occasions. The first, when seen greeting a friend, elicited the girl’s reaction, who exclaimed to Corriere: “Maintaining the independence of one’s life is healthy: if not, what are we talking about? It amazes me to observe how quickly they go from calling you a ‘cuckold’ or ‘a corn-bis’ to calling you a traitor if I might revive a friend of mine by embracing him “.

Also at the end of the relationship there was talk of treason again she was single False news Where the two had already broken up when Marco and Laura Chiatti They met.

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