“You are so heartbroken”: Chiara Ferragni is humiliated by her followers, everything is wrong

“You are so heartbroken”: Chiara Ferragni is humiliated by her followers, everything is wrong
Chiara Ferragni during her stay in Africa – Source: Instagram @chiaraferragni – Modaeimmagine.it

Chiara Ferragni has been traveling to South Africa in recent days, but the holiday has turned into a boom.

As has happened so often in recent months, in fact, Kiara was severely attacked some of your choices. It happened during Paris fashion week, While Fedez was in complete silence of the press on social media: many accused Ferragne of being icy, cold, sensitive and attached to money, ready to leave her husband alone in a moment of difficulty to go and take pictures of him in the French capital.

Today, unfortunately, the music has not changed. After Federico’s social return and after the explosion of how difficult the weeks after San Remo were, Chiara seems to be completely back on track and family harmony also seems to be restored.

While Federico stayed at home with the children, in recent weeks Chiara has traveled a lot, Going first to Morocco (for a photo shoot for the Benetton Spring Collection ad campaign) and then to South Africa.

As the influencer herself said The safari to South Africa has been postponed for a long time Due to the pandemic making international travel very difficult between 2020 and 2021. When things finally calmed down, Chiara was able to leave.

Chiara Ferragni never looked the same

Over the past few years, Chiara has gotten her followers to always see her Smiling, calm and cheerful. Even if she has shown on more than one occasion that she has an excellent personality and enviable composure, even the queen of Italian influencers seems to give up in this period.

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Followers have noticed, and in recent weeks they have noticed how much Claire look you look boring and unhappy, As if the altruist was “moving on” by inertia and not because he is truly able to enjoy life as he once did.

Source: Instagram @chiaraferragni – Modaeimmagine.it

Cruelest comment ever

In addition, several comments have appeared in recent days showing how followers have begun to distance themselves from her as they share her choices less and less.

“But what happens to Farajani? I find him very sad and moreover he continues to lose weight.” user wrote. While another person reported harsh criticism of her behavior as a mother. “Kiara I like you but Morocco first and then Africa right after. Kids when? Why didn’t you take them with you and these experiences? I hope when you come back from Africa you don’t leave again and stay with them for a while!”. Finally, someone else confirms that if Chiara can travel so much it is because Federico stays at home with the children, and maybe if he did the same she wouldn’t be happy at all.

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