Pif’s performance has been cancelled

Wednesday January 5, the Caro Batiato evening event will be broadcast on Rai3. According to Morgan, Biff would have requested that his solo show not be broadcast.

Morgan I intervened on social media to reprimand bf. Wednesday January 5, in prime time, Rai3 leaves a place for Dear Battiato, A special evening where many artists narrate Franco Batiato And he will sing his songs. A journey led by Biff, which will take viewers to know the places where the maestro grew up and developed his artistic talent. After that, some performances from the honoring ceremony held at the Verona Arena will also be broadcast. Morgan claims that his solo performance will not be included in the documentary.

Morgan spree

On Instagram, Morgan posted a post directed at Pif: “Morgan, salute to Franco Batiato: Like a camel in the gutter is missing. Buff: How do I delete you until you’re gone”After he said it to him rhyme searched the cause of his disappointment. According to him, the host decided to cut off his solo performance from the documentary, which was broadcast on January 5:

“It appears that from Franco Batiato’s tribute concert, broadcast this evening, my performance of ‘Come un camel in una gondaia’, my only solo contribution, has been excluded. , who has such a deep knowledge of Batiato’s work that he overlooked one of his most important works.”

Caro Batiatu’s guests

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There are many artists that spectators will be able to see during the Caro Battiato evening event. Here are some of them and the song they’ll sing:

  • Jovanotti with the era of the white pig.
  • Gianni Morandi with what’s left of me;
  • Emma with the animal
  • Fiorella manuia with the season of love;
  • Gianna Nannini with Cuccurucucu;
  • Colapesce and Dimartino with the white flag;
  • Mahmoud deceives neither time nor space;
  • Carmen Consoli obeys the whole universe.

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