March 31, 2023

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Have you seen the dress that Elari Blassie wears on Famous Island on May 30th: brand and price

Everything is ready for the new The bet Celebrity IslandThe XXI To be precise. We are sure it will be a date miss you It is full of ups and downs and emotions. After a few weeks term from reality tv spirits Induction is triggered win over It’s a lot.

Among the many Curiosity The Italian public is definitely there to find out what it will happen In the episode, but also from what you will wear appropriate hostess. Let’s find out more together.

Advances to L’Isola dei Famosi, Monday 30 May 2022

Tonight, Monday May 30th, will XXI The bet Celebrity Island. There will be surprises and ups and downs. after, after to leave of From the four outcasts after discovering the extension of the program, there will be two the new input. Gwendalina Tavasi, blind, Licia Nunez and Alessandro Iannone left the island. it is clear that empty I left them.

Therefore, two new planes are expected to land competitors, Women are not new to reality TV. refer to Soleil rise And the Vera Gemma. The first participated in the 2019 edition in which she met Jeremias Rodriguez, her ex-boyfriend, and the second in last year’s edition. What we do not know is whether they have Spends It will last until the final, or it will only be for a few days.

ample outer space will be dedicated to eliminate. Tonight we found five names at risk and we’re talking about Estefania Bernal, Laurie del Santo, Maria Laura de Vitesse, Nick and Marco Macarini. Who will have to Leaves Forever Cayo Cochinos? Let’s talk about each other now Curiosity Fans, or what you will wear appropriate hostess.

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What will Elari Blasi wear on the twenty-first episode of L’Isola dei Famosi?

The beautiful and talented wife of Francesco Totti, Ellary Blasey, She is very active on social media and loves to show up at any time of the day. There are many publications not only related to his private life, but also a job. Having said that, however, the presenter doesn’t like giving up some stay tuned or indiscretion about a look which will appear in the episode.

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no disappoint Though, our readers thought we’d review uniforms About the last date so we can get an idea and fantasize about it tonight. On Friday’s episode, Ilary chose clothes that weren’t appropriate for the season we’re in, but still incredibly pretty. The leggings They were very close to latex, high waisted and black with a designer label Alice + Olivia its cost 195 euros.

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Up pick one Jacket Full of sequins and very sparkling. The sleeves were long and the collar high. Privacy was wide neck on the back. Finally, he was wearing a pair of shoes Glossy black leather Lou Sila of cost 665 euros. For the May 30 episode, she chose a very elegant long beige dress.