What was he doing downstairs while he was disguised with Felipe?

What was he doing downstairs while he was disguised with Felipe?

Leticia Still having trouble with the formal agenda. On the one hand, Camilo Villarino and Felipe, who ruled the Royal House, kept the Queen away from official occasions, greatly reducing, or almost eliminating, events over which the Queen presided alone, and trapping her as a band of Felipes in the few events where they coincided. Never in the 10 years of the reign nor in the 20 years since their marriage has it been confirmed that the king is Felipe and that Letizia, though popularly known as the queen, is in fact the king’s wife, king consort, Queen Eleanor’s mother, whatever she wants, but there is only one king. In England, it was clear that Elizabeth II’s husband was never considered king, and now Camilla receives the treatment of Queen Consort but never becomes Queen of England. Letizia had to come out of the den to attend the highest-level official reception of the President of Ukraine. A visit not from any head of state but the most threatening on the planet, as he and his country have been overrun by Vladimir Putin. Letizia had to decide whether to continue hurting herself, as happened on the trip to the Netherlands when she kissed while sitting. This weekend during the military parade in Asturias, he was hidden behind the royal box Unnatural posture with leg raised:

Letizia lege, royal house

Leticia looks up as her leg stiffens, GTRES

The cameras never focus on Letizia and Felipe behind their necks to see what they are doing under the table or behind the screen, but the cameras catch Letizia with her leg stiff, as they tritely say, with her leg raised. To hide that she couldn’t put a baby’s foot on the floor this Monday was mine State visit with Zelensky Avoid white pampas in military parades and replace them with sandals:

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Leticia Wezelinski, GTRES

Letícia in sandals, GTRES

Seconds Today’s woman “in order to continue to feel comfortable, while maintaining style, has chosen some of these Black open ballerinasAn ideal model for heat due to its design with part of the foot exposed. With a round toe and buckle belt, Lady Letizia has found a new ally to be perfect and comfortable. She wears flats when she coughs, but her illness is worse than she realizes, and she’s gone from kissing while sitting to kissing while sitting. To preside over military parades with his leg raised. Kicking a piece of furniture, in a fit of rage, continues for a long time. Bad mood leads to these injuries.

Leticia was injured Middle toe Kick the Palau table. This is the version that Zarzuela published in the media: “The fracture occurred when the Queen hit her foot on the table a few days ago.” (El Pais). A fact that should be natural is that the Queen goes dressed to formal occasions because she suffers from severe foot pain, which makes her sit in Amsterdam. Leticia is in pain and her feet are really hurting now Hits with tables at home. She is the only one who knows if the domestic accident was not an accident and Leticia kicked the furniture in a fit of rage. Their marriage atmosphere is rare. All of Spain knows that the past six months have been a trial by fire, a stress test for Felipe and Letizia, while the Queen’s lover, Jaime del Burgo, has issued threats in the form of tweets to warn that he will explain his affair. The infidelity with Letícia is no longer in a book but in a TV series. Letizia and Felipe maintain the marriage but not the appearance, and continue to play such a separate role that the King orders that Letizia’s public agenda be limited. What happens behind the walls? What is not seen ends up being known.

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