Vestaben at the pit station, leader of Sainz. Leclerc 12th after a slow stop –

Vestaben at the pit station, leader of Sainz.  Leclerc 12th after a slow stop –
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The ninth round of the World Championships in Montreal, invited Monaco to a race back from the last row for having changed the engine

9.05 pm – Giro 47/70 The Top 5

Sainz, Verstappen, Hamilton, Russell, Ocon. Leclerc, already eighth, regained four places after the pit stop.

9:02pm – Lap 45/70 Sainz will try to go to the bottom

The Spaniard changed his tires on lap 26 and can try to go all the way. But Verstappen with cooler compounds per second is faster than Sainz.

9:01 p.m. – On lap 44/70 Verstappen pit stops, comes back and passes Hamilton.

Verstappen stopped, now leader Sainz. Max returned to third place but easily passed Hamilton back to the pits

8:58 PM – Lap 42/40 pit stop problems for Leclerc

Charles got into the pits and got on the medium tires, a problematic stopping point of 5`3. He loses positions, no need for another problem. Now he’s back 12, he didn’t want to.

8:57 PM – Giro 41/70 The Top 5

Verstappen, Sainz, Hamilton, Russell, and Ocon. VI Leclerc

20:54 – Giro 39/70 Sainz is approaching

Max Verstappen’s advantage over Sainz drops to 7 inches 1, and Leclerc doesn’t pass with Ocon. Return proved complicated.

8:51pm – Lap 36/70 We’re halfway there, Leclerc: I can’t overtake

It’s still way too long because the safety car can still change everything. They ask Leclerc to move to Plan D: Do whatever you want, I can’t get past it.

20:48 – Lap 34/70 but Verstappen responds right away

The Dutchman is retaking the lead over 8”, and Sainz is aggressive on the pavement. Leclerc is always sixth behind Ocon.

20:46 – Jiro 33/70 Sainz narrows the gap

At 8 inches from Verstappen, Max complains about tire degradation. I wonder if the strategy would really be a one stop shop or if it could change everything again. III Hamilton.

8.45 pm – Giroud 31/70 asks Leclerc digging when it will stop

Leclerc complains about the lack of grip, in fact Ocon was able to resist thanks to the high speed on the alpine line.

8:43 PM – Jiro 30/70 Top Ten

Verstappen, Sainz, Hamilton, Russell, Ocon, Leclerc, Alonso, Bottas, Stroll, Zhou

8.41 p.m. – Giro stop 29/70 Alonso

Alonso stopped, Fernando’s race was punished with stoppage time. Leclerc is still behind Ocon.

8:39 PM – Lap 28/70 Leclerc around Ocon . attack

It’s close to the Ocon but the Alpine is light and quick to install on the straight road. The Frenchman managed to resist for the time being, but Charles tried again on the spot.

8:36 PM – Giro 24/7 the Top 5

Verstappen, Sainz, Hamilton, Alonso, Russell. Leclerc VII.

20:33 – Giroud 21/70 Sainz passes Alonso and returns to second place

Carlos passed on Fernando Alonso and the second. But Verstappen has a 9’4 margin over the Ferrari driver. Meanwhile, Hamilton arrived to try to take third place from Alonso.

20:30 – Lap 20/70 Carlos at the station

Sainz When changing tyres, install tough tyres. Back to the third track.

8:28 PM – Lap 19/70 Mick Schumacher stops

Too bad, because the German has had a good race so far. Perhaps it was a technical error, insert the default safety car to remove Haas.

20:26 – Giroud 18/70 Leclerc passes Albon, 11

Charles beats Albon to 11th, and now Bottas is back too. And it won’t be easy given Alpha’s speed.

20:24 – Giroud 16/70 passes Verstappen Alonso

Overtake Verstappen with the latest tires Alonso who has not yet stopped. Sainz is always in the lead, but he will have to stop.

20:20 – Giro 14/70 Leclerc advances, but there is a lot of traffic

Charles 12, traffic slows you down. You can find fast cars like Bottas cars. Prior to that, Verstappen had already targeted Alonso.

8:18 PM – Jiro 12/70 via the Virtual Safety Car

Sainz has a 2” 5 lead over Verstappen, but the Ferrari driver will have to stop. Like Alonso who succeeded him.

8:15 PM – 10/70 laps Verstappen on tire change

The Max pit stops under the virtual safety car, while Carlos Sainz continues. It was the important strategic card for the Dutchman, on the only Red Bull remaining after Perez’ retirement.

8:13 pm – Giro 9/70 Perez retires due to engine problems

Perez was forced to retire, and betrayed the Mexican from Red Bull due to a mechanical problem. A GP nightmare for him. Entering the virtual safety car

8:12 PM – Lap 7/70 Top 10

Verstappen, Sainz, Alonso, Hamilton, Russell, Ocon, Schumacher, Zhou, Ricciardo, and Perez. Magnussen is also in the pits to change tires.

8:10 PM – Russell returns on Lap 6/70

After a disastrous qualifying run, Russell has already moved up to fifth behind Hamilton. Leclerc won another chest thanks to a Vettel stop

8:08 PM – Giro 4/70 Leclerc 16

Charles has also passed Stroll, and now faces his former Ferrari teammate: Sebastian Vettel. Perez XI.

8:06 pm – Giroud 3/70 Sainz passes Alonso

Sainz is now in second place, passing Alonso using the swing wing. Now I will try to get close to Verstappen.

20:05 – Jiro 2/70 Top 5

Verstappen, Alonso, Sainz, Hamilton and Magnussen. Leclerc regains his positions, 17 of 19 started.

8:01 p.m. – Training round ends

Everything is ready for the start of the Canadian Grand Prix, and there will be 70 laps on the island of Notre Dame.

19:59 – Sainz seeks first victory

Having missed his first position, the Spaniard can make up for it with the first win of his career. He and Leclerc will help him a lot in taking the points away from Verstappen. The first thing starts with yellow tires.

7:56 pm – Tire management is critical

It will be essential to be able to manage tire degradation, Ferrari has grown a lot thanks to the aerodynamic updates introduced in Barcelona. But the last few races were disrupted by technical problems, in Baku also Carlos Sainz retired due to a hydraulic failure.

7:51 PM – Everything is ready for shaping session

The pilots put on their helmets and got into the cars: they would soon leave for the formation course. The Canadian Path has always offered exciting, unremarkable GPs. Will it be like this time too? Two home drivers: Aston Martin’s Lance Stroll and Williams’ Nicholas Latifi, goodbye for now. He will be replaced by Oscar Piastre, Formula 2 Champion

7:44 p.m. – Verstappen can go further

The Dutchman has 34 points ahead of Leclerc in the standings, and today he has a chance to increase the margin even more with Charles being forced to start from behind. There is Perez to watch his Mexican back starting from 13th after the accident in qualifying.

7.40pm – Machines on the Net

There are 20 minutes left for the Canadian Grand Prix, and the last two editions have been skipped due to the pandemic. In 2019, Hamilton beat Vettel with a controversial line of appeals from Ferrari. Today, the Englishman sits fourth on the net with the aim of climbing to the podium and finishing the lead over teammate George Russell.

19:27 – Schumacher’s sixth, now looking for first points in his career

Michael’s son replied In the most difficult moment of your career, qualified sixth place behind his teammate Magnussen. From the third row chasing the first points of his F1 career.

7:20 PM – Warm-up sessions begin

Cars on the track in Montreal, the first warm-up sessions before the grid is formed. At first Alonso will try to attack Verstappen, it may be an involuntary help for Sainz.

7:11pm – Where can Leclerc get to?

Under normal circumstances, and without setbacks, Charles Leclerc could reach the area near the podium. That’s what Ferrari’s simulation says, the choice to install a fourth power unit that has accrued other penalties (in addition to the one installed for the turbo only) propelled the Scuderia into the bottom row. But the advantage is that later in the season Leclerc will have newer Verstappen engines.

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6:55 pm – Possible strategies

According to Pirelli, the race will have one pit stop: starting with the yellow tires (medium), stopping between 22 and 28 laps and then moving on to a hard pull to the finish. The alternative is to go up the reds at first, stop first and go hard.

6:44 PM – It’s sunny in Montreal

Sun and wind, there is a completely different climate than rain in qualifying. There will be 70 laps around the race track named after Gilles Villeneuve. Yesterday, his son Jack delivered Pullman Max Verstappen.

18:00 – Final Start Grid

First row: Max Verstappen (Red Bull) Fernando Alonso (Alpine-Renault) Second row: Carlos Sainz Jr (Ferrari) Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) Third row: Kevin Magnussen (Haas-Ferrari) Mick Schumacher (Haas-Ferrari) Fourth row: Esteban Ocon (Alpine-Renault) George Russell (Mercedes) Fifth Grade: Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren-Mercedes) Zhou Guanyu (Alfa Romeo) Sixth Grade: Valtteri Bottas (Alfa Romeo) Alexander Albon (Williams-Mercedes) Seventh Grade: Sergio Pe’ rez (Red Bull) Lando Norris (McLaren-Mercedes) 8th row: Pierre Gasly (AlphaTauri-Red Bull) Sebastian Vettel (Aston Martins) 9 / row: Lance Stroll (Aston Martin-Mercedes) Nicholas Latifi (Williams Mercedes) 10th row : Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) Yuki Tsunoda (AlphaTauri-Red Bull).

10:02 – Calendar

10:02 – Ranking

09:37 – Qualifiers: Verstappen first

the above Verstappen will start on Red Bull from pole At the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal. The second and surprising time in the front row for Fernando Alonso on the Alps. In the second row, Ferrari will start with Carlos Sainz for the third time and Lewis Hamilton will start with Mercedes. Leclerc, who already knew he had to start from the back of the grid, only ran in Q1. Perez accident in the second quarter: The Mexican Red Bull driver crashed and was eliminated. For him, the thirteenth place on the network.

09:00 – 9th Grand Prix and Ferrari in crisis

Formula 1 returns to America for the Canadian Grand Prix, the ninth race of the season. Ferrari continues to pay for reliability problemswhich continues to pay off in Montreal as well: after changing the engine, in fact, the fourth propeller of the season, In fact, Charles Leclerc will start from the back of the grid.

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