Rally Milan, Maldini and Massara: “Now I reset everything and start over”

The technical director and the sporting director are in the championship file and are looking forward to the new season. Realizing: “These players have a lot of room for improvement”

From our correspondent Marco Basuto

The logo could be just this: reset and restart. The old rule that is always in fashion and is best observed after victory: to forget no, it will not be right, but to archive and start over is absolutely yes. That’s what Maldini and Massara say on the first day of school in Milanello, as the team sweats in front of the crowd. Dt and ds spent a great deal of time chatting with CEO Gazidis during training, and in short, it looks like a snapshot of normalcy after the strong turmoil of management renovations.


Maldini and Massara then spoke to Milan TV about the feelings and guidelines for the season that begins. “We’re finally done, it’s been a well deserved holiday after a great season – says Maldini -. There are still echoes of victory but I think it’s right to remember how we got there. Now we need to turn the page and forget that intoxicating thing that happened after the match.” Against Sassuolo. We are still in small ranks, many do not know each other, but I always say that every day here in Milanello is special.”


The joy is more compelling: “We need to reset everything and put the good times in the tray. We still want to do well, we want to compete and be more competitive in the Champions League. Our path can go on because these players have a lot of room to improve. Done To restore the normal state of competitive Milan, and history requires us to think in an ambitious way. The goal is to improve every day in the team’s maturity and awareness. And if we want to improve, we will have to make few or no mistakes because they will all wait for us with a different attitude.”

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