Science has discovered a way to stop addiction: switching your brain will be enough

Science has discovered a way to stop addiction: switching your brain will be enough

According to a recent study published in the journal Nature Medicine, the “secret” to preventing addiction is to infect a particular brain circuit: the experiment conducted could have led to a complete recovery in 34 patients who were addicted to tobacco.

You can imagine it as a file Transformation Which, once pressed, shuts down the system causing everything back to it normal state.

In fact, the “Secret” To prevent addiction More precisely it has the form of a injury Depend on specific brain circuit.

a ruinIn short, yes a certain network of your network brain Which could really lead to complete Healing those suffering from some form of “addiction” like that of tobacco.

It was described in the magazine nature medicine A group of international researchers, including those who Brigham and Women’s Hospital in BostonFinally, have a look at a real glimpse therapeutic goal To challenge addiction.

So far, in fact, most Treatments Such as deep brain stimulationThe Transcranial magnetic stimulation Or the application of small surgical lesions was promising but from Limited event Precisely because of the exact target “to hit”.

Using a new technique called pest network mapping, the researchers analyzed brain scans From 129 Tobacco addicts executed after the emergence of brain damage localized. This is due to injuries caused by shock or brain attack They have been associated with the disappearance of addiction.

In the 34 Patients who have been treated for tobacco addiction completethe researchers note that the merit was due to injuries all attributed to the same brain network: the addiction highway, in short, which, if blocked, could really help us with not having some “wages” like smoking or even alcohol.

source | Published June 13, 2022 in the journal “Brain Lesions Disrupt Addiction Map of a Common Human Brain Circuit” nature medicine

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