Venice – Cosenza 1-1: Final score and highlights

Venice – Cosenza 1-1: Final score and highlights
  • This is all from Pier Luigi Pinzo, a good continuation of the evening. Until next time.20:07

  • Midweek shift, back on the field on Wednesday for the third day, Vanoli’s side will visit Sampdoria while Caserta will host Modena.20:07

  • A monologue in orange and green In the second half, Perini equalized at first, the third goal in the league, and then it was a shot in the goal that missed the palm of victory. In recovery junctions of Gitkiar and Idzis. rossoblu managed to grab a point with suffering and a bit of luck.20:05

  • 90’+9′

    I finish! Venice – Cosenza 1-1, Bonacina’s hat-trick.20:02

  • 90’+9′

    Shotgun chance! Jetcare’s veil for the enthronement of Bjarkason, an immutable right to which Venturi sacrifices himself.20:01

  • 90’+9′

    An extra minute for Rossoblu’s continuous waste of time.20:00

  • 90’+8′

    Another cross in Venice! From a corner kick, with a header from Edzis, the ball climbs over Mikay, and crosses the crossbar again.20:00

  • 90’+7′

    Cross the gun! Taisman from the right, a perfect header from Jetcaire, Mikay blocked the crossbar.7:59 p.m

  • 90’+6′

    Shotgun chance! Candela cross, night scissors, Mikay reaction ahead of Jetcaire.7:58 p.m

  • 90’+5′

    Tessmann in the penalty area for Olivieri, with his right foot from Venturi.7:57 p.m

  • 90’+3′

    Zampano enters the area from the left, Sagibi Hasim ahead of Jetcare.7.55 p.m

  • 90′

    Eight minutes of recovery.7:52 p.m

  • 89′

    Candela throws it in the area and Venturi heads away.7:51 p.m

  • 87′

    Olivieri moves to the right, and shoots a cross wide of the goal.7:49 p.m

  • 85′

    The last change in Venice. A faded Pohjanpalo leaves the field in favor of Olivieri.7:47 p.m

  • 84′

    I’ve been warning the newcomer to the night, arm’s wide on Dorazio.7:46 p.m

  • 83′

    replace the gun. Johnson’s Out, Nightly Debut.7:44 p.m

  • 82′

    Zampano crosses, Candela hits poorly on the side.7:44 p.m

  • 81′

    The last change in Cosenza. Rispoli exits, Fontanarosa enters.7:43 p.m

  • 80′

    Cosenza alternative. Relay in the attack between Totino and Zile.7:43 p.m

  • 78′

    A cross from Bjarkason, Getkayer misses the save, the ball hits Sgarbi’s elbow, and Bonacina continues to play.7.40pm

  • 76′

    Maras is looking for Foca in the area, which is a very thoughtful proposition.7:38 p.m

  • 75′

    Bjarkasson calls the exchange with Pohjanbalo missing the return pass.7:36 p.m

  • 74′

    Totino tries to put his right foot from the top of the area, and the ball does not rotate.7.35pm

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  • 73′

    Maras from 20 metres, Bjarcasson saved her.7.35pm

  • 72′

    replace the gun. The Pyrenean Race ends, a piece by Cheryshev.7:34 p.m

  • 72′

    replace the gun. Fanoli increases the offensive load: Jetcare for Bosio.7:34 p.m

  • 70′

    Bonacina restarts the game and passes the ball to the orange greens.7:32 p.m

  • 68′

    Cool-down break, a short break for the 22 players on the field.7:31 p.m

  • 66′

    The orange and green team continue to press offensively, while the red and blue team defend themselves in an organized manner.7:29 p.m

  • 64′

    Tasman juggles the ball in front of his team’s penalty area and risks a penalty kick due to Maras’ pressure.7:28 p.m

  • 62′

    Cosenza alternative. Areoli takes the place of Mazzocchi.7:24 p.m

  • 62′

    Cosenza alternative. Meroni could not continue, Sgarbi’s debut.7:24 p.m

  • 60′

    Because of the tension between the two seats, Bonacina pushes away Vanoli and one of the Calabrian crew members.7:22 p.m

  • 59′

    Meroni’s muscular problems, the game stopped.7:23 p.m

  • 58′

    Once again, Johnson finished off cutting a zampano in the area, and Meroni intercepted him.7:21 p.m

  • 58′

    Johnson’s heel for Pojjanpalo, weak low shot, easy prey for Mikay.19:20

  • 57′

    Cosenza alternative. Caserta remembers d’Urso and enters Maras.7.25pm

  • 55′

    Bjarkasson hits hard from behind, narrowly missing Pohjanbalo on the corner.7:17 p.m

  • 54′

    Zampano cross from Candela and Venturi free in the corner.7:16 p.m

  • 53′

    Warning: Refuse.7:19 p.m

  • 53′

    From a corner kick, Pohjanbalo pounced on a loose ball but fired it high from close range.7:19 p.m

  • 52′

    Dorazio sleeps on the ball, and Candela serves to Pohjanbalo, with his right foot, which is hit by a corner kick by Venturi.7:14 p.m

  • 51′

    On the corner developments, Mazzocchi from a distance, directly at the lake.7:13 p.m

  • 51′

    Cross from Rispoli, Bosio intercepts it in the corner.19:12

  • 49′

    Goal! Venice – Cosenza 1-1! Perini network. Bjarcasson is in the corridor for Perini, who sits Venturi and Meroni with his left foot, leaving no way out for Mikay.

    Have a look at the profile of the player Nicolas Perini19:12

  • 48′

    A penalty kick from Pierini, and a double finish from Bosio saved by Meroni.19:10

  • 46′

    Zukon hits from the right, D’Urso misses the hook in the area.7:08 p.m

  • 46′

    Recovery begins. Venice – Cosenza 0-1, maneuvering the orange greens.19:07

  • 46′

    replace the gun. Ellertsson remains in the locker room, space for Bjarkasson.19:07

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  • Fanoli needs to raise the pace and attacking weight, which is the potential addition to Jetker; It can be said that Caserta is satisfied with the result, and he must avoid falling into the center of gravity. 18:54

  • Hamlet affected by the sweltering heat, the orange and green saw Bosio’s advantage canceled due to Johnson’s offside and a penalty awarded by Bonacina for a foul by Dorazio on Pierini was later ruled out by VAR. The rossoblu defend themselves and pass the ball on the first and only opportunity: Foca’s right foot hits the post and goes in.18:53

  • 45’+5′

    The end of the first half. Venice – Cosenza 0-1, Foca Open.18:51

  • 45’+4′

    Penalty from Perini, Bank from Pohjanbalo, and Venturi takes a corner.6:49 p.m

  • 45’+2′

    Rispoli intervenes from behind in Johnson’s case, and Bonacina pardons him.6:49 p.m

  • 45′

    Five minutes of recovery.6:46 p.m

  • 45′

    Bosio introduces Candela’s overlap, a poorly calibrated cross.6.45 p.m

  • 43′

    Another mistake by Tessmann, a side foul in favor of Rossoblu.6.45 p.m

  • 41′

    A voice on the floor, the game paused for a few moments.6:42 p.m

  • 40′

    Zampano backs up behind Tasman, the ball in the lake.6:41 p.m

  • 39′

    Busio releases at 20 metres, top left.6.40pm

  • 38′

    Goal! Venice – Cosenza 0-1! audio network. Zoukun grabs the ball from Tessman, Foca receives it on the edge of a mazocchi, deflected with the right foot from Idzis, after the goal.

    Look at the card of Idriz Voca19:07

  • 36′

    Candela again, penetrates the ball from the right side and returns to the left, so Venturi kicked it for a corner kick.6:37 p.m

  • 35′

    Candela right, Rispoli ahead of Johnson.6:36 p.m

  • 33′

    Round ball from Calabria, the rhythms are a little lower.6:34 p.m

  • 31′

    Sverco along the Zampano Line, which Rispoli besieged.6:32 p.m

  • 30′

    After reviewing the photos, Bonacina corrected his decision: No punishment.6.30pm

  • 28′

    Bonacina was called back to VAR to review the D’Orazio-Pierini connection.6.30pm

  • 26′

    Johnsen vertical of Pierini, overshadowed by D’Orazio in the area, Bonacina points out the place.6:31 p.m

  • 26′

    Bonacina resumes the match, a goal kick in favor of Rossoblu.6:26 p.m

  • 24′

    Cooling down, players approach the benches to quench their thirst.18:24

  • 23′

    Shotgun chance! Tessmann fired the ball with his right hand from 25 meters away, and Mikay stretched it out and rejected it.18:24

  • 22′
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    Zokon steals the ball from Ellertsson, who manages to recover on Totino.18:23

  • 20′

    He drove towards Tutino, and Sverko headed into the corner.6:21 p.m

  • 18′

    A spark flares up between Venturi and Bosio, and Bonacina regains calm.6.20pm

  • 16′

    Cosenza opportunity! Joronen loses control with his feet but manages to free the ball before the ball enters.6:18 p.m

  • 15′

    Candela’s cross, Bohjanbalo heads it in, Meroni Svergola, Mikay grabs the ball.6:16 p.m

  • 13′

    Candela comes down the wing, Kalou receives the first corner of the match.6:14 p.m

  • 11′

    Zampano header for Perini for offside.6:13 p.m

  • 9′

    Setting off towards Tutino, Idzes keeps a good guard.6:10 p.m

  • 7′

    Dorazio crossed and Mazzocchi did not head the ball.18:07

  • 5′

    Totino rolls on the floor, and Bonacina calls him up.6:06 p.m

  • 3′

    Venice canceled goal! Johnson commits Mikay, and Bosio scores the ball, but the goal is spoiled by the offside of the Norwegian player.18:05

  • 2′

    Bernie strikes from behind, Tasman from an excellent position kicks feebly into Mikay’s arms.01:12

  • 1′

    Start the Venice-Cosenza game, the ball is in favor of the Rossoblu.18:01

  • The warm-up phases are over, and soon the match, directed by Bonacina, begins.5:39 p.m

  • Caserta relies on Focca, who is favored over Arioli, with Mazzocchi and Durso behind Totino. Rispoli and Meroni instead of Martino and Fontanarosa in defence.5.36 p.m

  • Vanoli confirms the same starting line-up that defeated Como: in front of the Perini-Pohjanbalo-Johnsen trident. The new Altare and Lella start from the bench.17:24

  • 4-2-3-1 Cosenza: Mikai – Rispoli, Venturi, Meroni, Dorazio – Zuccon, Kalou – D’Urso, Foca, Mazzocchi – Totino. Available: Lay, Marson, Martino, Sgarbi, Fontanarosa, Occiotto, Brazilian, Maras, Arioli, Novello, Crespi, Zelli.6:09 p.m

  • Here are the lineups. Venice in a 4-3-3 plan: Yoronen – Candela, Edzis, Svirko, Zampano – Bosio, Tessmann, Ellertsson – Perini, Bohjanbalo, Johnson. Extras: Bertinato, Grandi, Da Pozzo, Modulo, Altar, Ullmann, Leela, Andersen, Bjarcasson, Cheryshev, Olivieri, Getkier.5.25 p.m

  • Both teams debuted 3-0: the orange and green shone against Como and shut out the Cagliari arrivals Altari and Lella for the week; The Rossobello settled Ascoli with the same result, making the most of their triple numerical superiority.2:23 p.m

  • At Pier Luigi Pinzo, everything is ready for the Venice-Cosenza match, day two of Serie B.2:18 p.m

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