Napoli Frosinone, a possible surprise move: the idea of ​​a calzone

Napoli Frosinone, a possible surprise move: the idea of ​​a calzone

Anticipation is growing in Napoli for Sunday's match against Frosinone: the possible lineup has been revealed.

The season is coming to its usual close. All teams entered what was the final rush League Everyone will try to do their best to end the season in the best way possible. At home NaplesThe ambitions to achieve the goals set at the beginning of the season are reduced to a minimum.

Napoli's placement in the classification requires the Azzurri to win all of the next seven matches to try to qualify for the next match Champions League. But this season, Napoli have never won more than two games in a row, which makes the thought of winning the major European competition a fantasy.

More realistically, Napoli should aim to qualify for next season European League. The Azzurri's trip will start on Sunday with a lunch match against… Frosinone by Eusebio di Francesco.

Towards Napoli-Frosinone: possible lineup

Napoli's next match in the Italian League will be very difficult. Francesco's children Calzone They will have to face Frosinone, led by Eusebio Di Francesco, who has already caught the Azzurri this season.

Unfortunately, in the memory of the Azzurri fans, the terrible performance in the round of 16 of the Italian Cup that saw Di Lorenzo and his teammates eliminated by a resounding 4-0 scoreline is still fresh.

Towards Napoli – Frosinone, expected lineup for Sunday lunch match (La Presse) –

Therefore, Naples seeks revenge on Ciociari Calzona will rely on the best possible training.

Here are the possible formations:

Napoli (4-3-3): Merritt. Lawrence, Rahmani, John Jesus, Mario Roy; Anxiety, Lobotka, Zelensky; Politano, Osimhen, Catering Manager. All calzone

Frosinone (3-4-2-1): biblical. Lerola, Romagnoli, Ocoli; Zortia, Mazzitelli, Barrenechea, Valeri; Brescianini, Soli; Shedera All by Francesco

Therefore, Calzona will propose the typical formation that also appeared on the pitch against Monza. After the terrible performance against Atalanta and the good performance presented by Zielinski, Traoré has lost his starting place once and for all.

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There will be two changes compared to the match at U Power Stadium and in the attacking zone. Cyril exhaustionIn fact, he was warned and with the yellow card he received against Brianza he was ruled out. And fortunately for Calzona, Politano He returned to group training today and will participate in the match against Ciociari. The other change in formation is in defence. In fact Matthias is absent Oliveira He suffers from a muscle problem. Napoli's hope is to find the Uruguayan again for the big match against Roma on April 28.

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