Inter report cards – Dzeko Endless, great evening by Barella and Dimarco. What a goal for Lautaro

Inter report cards – Dzeko Endless, great evening by Barella and Dimarco.  What a goal for Lautaro

Milan Inter 0-3
(10′ Dimarco, 21′ Dzeko, 79′ Lautaro)

TMW Racing Story

Onana 6.5 – I don’t need miracles. Be careful when asked, Milan certainly didn’t create great chances to make it a star of the evening.

Screenyar 7 – A badge and optimism preached by society, even in Riyadh there is talk of its renewal. As with Kafara, the first option is to make Liao’s presence felt. Look for the goal on the outside, concluding with a shot that satisfies the score at 3-0. Marotta in the pre-match spoke about a great professional and a great guy: Since the second fans have been waiting for yes, there have never been any doubts about the first.

immature 6.5 – He misses only once, when he gives Liao the right foot. Fortunately for him, the shot goes far. For the rest, a normal controlled evening, Jirou is forced to distance himself and hurt himself.

sticks 7 – Messias bounces back against him, on the other hand, it is Milan who have to worry about his left hand. Nice launch by Dzeko on the double. (From 83′ De Vrij sv).

Darmian 6.5 – Dumfries is preferred for reasons of form and also to try to contain Leao. From his recovery comes the work of the Nerazzurri’s first feature.

stretcher 7.5 – Inzagi’s most valuable tactical weapon available, glad to find it again from the first. The assist that opens the ball, but also many other valuables: He controls midfield as long as he’s on the turf. (From 70′ Gagliardini 6 – Ordinary management after the good match against Verona).

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Calhanoglu 6.5 – Calm and chalky, the Nerazzurri plays the orchestra. And it’s a very pleasant symphony to listen to. As a good ex, he also bites. The pain ends, it shouldn’t be a big deal. (From 83′ Aslani sv).

Mkhitaryan 6.5 – Generally speaking, he is the least intelligent of his peers, in the context of positive performance anyway. It is also spent on defence.

Demarco 7.5 – Put a Milanese at Porta Romana in Riyadh and he’ll take care of it. The challenge between the boys from the nursery with Calabria is amazing, he already wins the tenth when he opens and runs the race. Touching backs, even some good crosses from his team are dangerous. (From 63′ Gosens 6 – Enter that the race has been in mothballs for some time now).

Dzeko 8 – With Verona rested, it’s an evening of graces understandable from the pass he invented for Barella for the 1-0. The emergence is a piece of skill from the house: dribbling and dry punching, following a movement from the true center forward that he is. Infinity is an unmistakable quality in his case, and it also takes away the satisfaction of stealing a record from Ronaldo. (from 70 Korea 6 – You don’t need to sting, they don’t come close so it’s safe. Theo got a yellow card.

Lautaro 7 – Many Gaara, usual. Plenty of quality, ditto, even if there are very few missed balls. It is sealed with an absolute gem, preventing any disturbance in the finish.

Simon Inzaghi 7.5 – Dominate from start to finish and Inter win in midfield. This is shaping, and the timing of certain changes is determined by spasms. Four out of four in the Super Cup: He can bulge out again. Now wait Lukaku and maybe the comeback against Napoli will start: this Inter is superior to Milan, he can believe it.

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