I say to Curriere – «Science museum, continuous innovation»

I say to Curriere – «Science museum, continuous innovation»

The reply to the reader Francesco de Bartolomei’s letter is already partly contained in his statements, and is appreciated for his constructive will. Indeed, the railway pavilion is undergoing renovation and the Aeronaval pavilion will, after a lengthy bureaucratic process, begin work on the architecture and systems next year. The most visible part of the museum is the engineer. It was not for years that de Bartolomeis and his descendants visited the subject of gradual renewal, as a result of self-generated resources. New Leonardo galleries, exhibitions dedicated to space, communication, nutrition, math laboratories, genetics, trips to Mars, interactive digital art installations, applied games (we were the first to adopt them in a museum in Italy), virtual and augmented reality to describe the collections are just a few. A cultural and educational resource used by an ever-growing number of visitors of all ages. More than 355,000 in the first months of the year. The rooms and workshops are highly designed and built even for the youngest children and activities for them can be chosen in the daily programme. The museum’s constant transformation and modernization, in addition to its 100 people of staff who experiment and research every day in a continuous training process of innovation at all levels, also includes many players in society, including businesses and foundations, who choose to support our work and projects because they share their goals. We are waiting for the engineer de Bartolomais to accompany him on a new and more complete visit.
Directorate of the National Museum of Science and Technology

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