Capital gains, Rome, Lazio, and Salernitana offices research: Lotito, Friedkin, and Tari research

Capital gains, Rome, Lazio, and Salernitana offices research: Lotito, Friedkin, and Tari research

There is a lighthouse for two proxies On the sale and purchase of soccer players RomeAnd Lazio And Salernitana From 2017 to 2021. Leading DC and Tivoli judges Two different investigationsone on the Giallorossi and the other on the two clubs that were until recently in the hands of Claudius Lotitopledge to Finance guard Which he did today Searches at the headquarters of the three companies league. They are on file for Lazio and Salernitana the suspects lotito himself, reptiles And Angelo Fabianisporting director of the Campania region, and four other people to transfer 7 soccer players between the two companies. Instead, Romanian prosecutors signed up for a suspect registry Dan And Rayyan Friedkinprevious president James Pallottathe previous ad Umberto Gandini (now CEO of Lega Basket) e Guido FiengaBeside Mauro Baldisoniformer general manager and former vice president, and other executives of 11 market operations.

Accusations against the leaders of Rome … – The hypotheses of the crime for various reasons: False social connectionsIssuance Invoices to Non-existent operations and fraudulent misrepresentation through the use of invoices for non-existent transactions. These are the controversies presented by the Turin magistrates in the investigation that led to the request for the indictment Andrea Agnelli and other former executives Juventus. Just like black and white, even September 14thwhen it was completed to cross outthe Gyalurussian in bag, while Lazio is still on the market. At the heart of Roma’s investigation of Pallotta’s management are four outgoing transfers: BrandVratesi tominillo And Luca Pellegrini. And three featured: defrelAnd spinaola And Christante. In The Age of Friedkin, Crosshairs focus on the works GettinAnd clerksAnd Diaby And kumbula: Dan and Ryan, in collaboration with Giorgio Francia (Director in charge of accounting documents) are accused of committing false communications to the company because “in the financial statements for the year ending 06.30.2021 they are recorded in the balance sheet assets (…) amounts due in the course of transactions that are characterized with it values ​​increase significantly Or anyway not comply Compared to those on the market.” The same objections to Pallotta, in competition with former managing director Umberto Maria Gandini and with Francesco Malknecht, regarding the financial statements for the years 2017, 2018 and 2019.

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…and those of Lazio and Salernitana – Regarding Biancocelesti and Salernitana, the Guardia di Finanza explained in a note, that it is an investigation to clarify “the transfers of players between the two companieswhich was owned by Lotito for several seasons. At the heart of the investigations are the paragraphs of rights of Jean Daniel Akba AkbaruPiaggio MoroniThiago CasasolaEmmanuel ChicerelliMathias Get out of your wayAndrew Navy and Matthias Novella. The searches were arranged in order to obtain “accounting and non-accounting documents” regarding the transfer of the rights of the players, continues Fiamme Gialle, who are carrying out investigations It was ordered by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Tivoli in Lazio and Salernitana. The documents seized, the note reads, are in particular “those relating to contracts signed between the two clubs, agreements between clubs and individual players, payments made, and the methods by which the price was determined to the salesman and the value of the players sold.”

“Fake capital gains and bogus bills” Provides search rankingTemporary seizure Servers, computers and devices / mobile phones Used by executives under investigation (except for those personally used by Senator Lotito), or for those who will prove it physically for the various purposes of the sale and its accounting and administrative records.” We read that the action was requested “because there is good reason To believe that all documents related to the sale of players Sprocati, Casasola, Marino, Cicerelli, Novella, Morrone and Akpa can be found in the registered offices of the sports clubs “US Salernitana 1919 srl” and “SS Lazio SpA” Akpro (contracts and documents – including bank documents — Certification of Payment Methods).” Forfeiture, the plaintiffs write, “seems necessary to Rebuild the process Of the above customizations, the pre-contractual agreements between the parties, payments already made, any communications between the two companies, or those within each company, in respect of The economic value of the players And the methods of determining the official price and the methods of payment.” Documentation “is therefore necessary to ascertain whether or not the athletes They have already been paidand the officially authorized amount, as well as the exclusion of the existence of hypotheses imaginary capital gains And false invoice With the consequent offenses of false corporate communications.”

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“The financial statements of the Lotito companies are distorted.” – In particular, Lotito, Tari and two Salernitana managers (Marco Moschini and Marco Cavalier) are being investigated because “in competition with each other, profiting from the sales bills of players sold by Salernitana, as a result biased reviews Compared to the individual player’s market value at the time of the transfer, indicated on annual tax returns Phantom negative items (“inflated” costs), as well as showing the relevant costs in the company’s financial statements Disproportionate purchase values Of soccer players, like that Distorting the value of assets From the sports club,” the indictment states.

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