Venezia – Catanzaro 2-1: Final score and highlights

Venezia – Catanzaro 2-1: Final score and highlights
  • That’s it from Pier Luigi Pinzo, have a good evening. Until next time.10.32 pm

  • Break for the national teams, the 14th round in two weeks: Vanoli’s men will visit Bari while Vivarini’s team awaits the derby against Cosenza.10.32 pm

  • Third success in a row for the oranges and greens, who are flying close to Parma in the standings: goals from Bohjanbalo and Jonessen decided in the first half, and in the second half, Bohjanbalo, Bosio and Gitker missed the knockout blow and found themselves struggling in the second half. Last minutes in a situation of being outnumbered (Bjarkasson sent off via VAR). The third defeat in a row for the Giallorossi, Guillon is not enough, the reaction is too late.10.31 pm

  • 90’+6′

    more! Venice – Catanzaro 2-1, final whistle from Santoro.10.28 pm

  • 90’+6′

    From a corner, huddled in the orange-green zone, Tessmann sweeps.10.26 pm

  • 90’+5′

    Catanzaro chance! A cross from Guillon, blocked by Piaschi, and Brignola’s right foot was fouled in the corner by Modulo.10.33 pm

  • 90’+4′

    Pontisso throws it forward, and Altari controls the zone.10.24 pm

  • 90’+2′

    Catanzaro chance! Cross from Brignola, left untouched, Bertinato not surprised by the rebound.10.33 pm

  • 90’+1′

    Gitkjaer warned against dangerous play for Briginti.10.21 pm

  • 90′

    Seven minutes of stoppage time.10.20 pm

  • 89′

    Recent change Catanzaro. All in by Vivarini: Biasci for Krajnc.10.20 pm

  • 89′

    The last change in the gun. Fanoli runs to hide: at night for Johnson.10.20 pm

  • 89′

    Bjarkasson sent off, Santoro changes the color of the card after reviewing the images in VAR: High leg on Guillon.10.19 pm

  • 88′

    Santoro was called back to VAR to review Bjarkasson’s foul.10.18 pm

  • 87′

    Straight entry from Bjarkasson on Guillon, and Santoro draws out the yellow.10.19 pm

  • 86′

    Guyon tries to free Ambrosino, who does not understand his partner’s intentions.10.17 pm

  • 84′

    Busio pairs in the area with Johnsen, a very profound proposition.10.14 pm

  • 81′

    Shotgun opportunity! Played by Johnsen, Katsiris sacrifices herself twice with a Gitkaire shot from close range, and Tessman shoots high.10.11 pm

  • 79′

    Katsiris has space on the right side, a poorly calibrated cross.10.09 pm

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  • 77′

    The Giallorossi turn the ball over, while the Orange and Greens wait in their own half of the pitch.10.09 pm

  • 75′

    Replace the gun. The Pohjanbalu match ends with a portion of Jetkaer.10.05 pm

  • 74′

    Replace the gun. Svirko cannot continue, Dembélé enters.10.05 pm

  • 74′

    Replace Catanzaro. New energy in the wing: Miranda replaces Ferroli.10.04 pm

  • 74′

    Replace Catanzaro. Katseris takes Situm’s place.10.04 pm

  • 71′

    Johnsen accelerated down the right, and Setum blocked Bohjanbalo’s turn.10.02 pm

  • 68′

    Replace Catanzaro. Relay in attack between Stupa and Ambrosino.9.57 pm

  • 67′

    Replace Catanzaro. Sonas leaves the field in favor of Brignola.9.58 pm

  • 65′

    Replace the gun. Ellertsson also leaves, making room for Bjarkasson.9.56 pm

  • 65′

    Replace the gun. Fanoli switches to a 3-5-2 formation: Zampano instead of Perini.9.56 pm

  • 63′

    Iemmello release that takes time from Modolo, valuable Busio in coverage.9.53 pm

  • 60′

    Shotgun opportunity! Candela positions himself from the right, Johnsen runs to Bossio, and crosses his left foot to the near post protected by Folignati.9.51 pm

  • 58′

    Altari warning, tactical foul on Gion.9.48 pm

  • 56′

    Problems for Sverko, the game stopped again.9.48 pm

  • 55′

    Sparks fly between Emilo and Modulo, and Santoro regains calm.9.46 pm

  • 53′

    Emmylou is on the floor, and the game is stopped for a few moments.9.44 pm

  • 51′

    Shotgun opportunity! Ellertsson beats Candela in the penalty area, with a miracle from Folignati on the right flank with a sure shot from Bohjanbalo.9.42 pm

  • 50′

    Vandeputte sends Iemmello who attempts a left-footed shot from the edge, and the ball goes over the crossbar.9.41 pm

  • 49′

    Emilo searches for Sonas’ pieces, and Altari protects Bertinato’s exit.9.39 pm

  • 47′

    Perini from the right, crossed cross, Bohjanbalu does not reach it.9.37 pm

  • 46′

    Filming begins. Venezia-Catanzaro 2-1, no changes during the first half.9.35 pm

  • Fanoli should avoid a decline in speed and concentration. Vivarini needs to increase the quality of his offensive plays.9.22 pm

  • A balanced and combative part, the green-orange team exploits the vertical spaces better, Ellertsson gets a penalty kick (late exit from the Folignati man) which Bohjanpalo converts, Guillon equalizes with a shot from the edge, and Johnsen makes it 2-1 after an irresistible attack. Percussion 30 metres.9.21 pm

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  • 45’+3′

    The end of the first half. Venezia Catanzaro 2-1, Johnsen gives the Orange-Green team the lead in the end.9.19 pm

  • 45’+1′

    Goal! Venezia – Catanzaro 2-1 Net Johnson. Pohjanpalo prompts Johnsen who moves centrally, back to the right and bends Fulignati’s hands.

    View Dennis Johnsen’s player profile9.21 pm

  • 45′

    Two minutes added time.9.16 pm

  • 45′

    Bosio releases Johnsen in the area, and Ferroli is decisive in advancing Pohjanpalo.9.15 pm

  • 44′

    Vandebot tames Pompetti with his left hand choked down.9.14 pm

  • 42′

    Johnson widens for Perini who is out of control and the action fades away.9.13 pm

  • 40′

    Goal! Venice – Catanzaro 1-1! Gion Network. Vandeput touches behind Guillon who explodes violently off the rim, and Bertinato is beaten.

    Check out Andrea Ghion’s player profile9.11 pm

  • 38′

    Stopping on the ground, the game stopped for a few moments.9.10 pm

  • 36′

    Setum’s cross was blocked by Svirko for a corner kick.9.06 pm

  • 35′

    Bertinato succeeded in repelling Emilo, but the movement was tainted by offside.9.06 pm

  • 34′

    Tessmann releases Johnson, Folinati arrives first.9.04 pm

  • 33′

    Setum goes down the wing, Sverko contains him.9.05 pm

  • 31′

    Bompetti’s free kick was headed away by Bossio.9.02 pm

  • 29′

    Emilo triangulates the area with Stupa, and Candela goes to the corner.21:00

  • 27′

    Direct free kick from Vandeputte8.58 pm

  • 25′

    Goal! Venice – Catanzaro 1-0 Penalty Bohjanbalo Hard, low shot, Folignati can’t do anything, Bohjanbalo is perfect from 11 metres.

    View player profile of Joel Bohjanbalo8.56 pm

  • 23′

    Penalty kick Venice! Svirko down the line for Ellertsson who beats Setum, Folignati overwhelms him with a low exit, and Santoro points to the spot.8.54 pm

  • 22′

    Johnsen exchanged the ball with Pohjanpalo, right-footed by Setum.8.52 pm

  • 20′

    Ball rotation by the Giallorossi, high pressure by the orange and green.8.51 pm

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  • 18′

    Candela tries to penetrate centrally, but Setum doesn’t let him through.8.48 pm

  • 16′

    Stopa makes room at the edge, with a weak right foot, and Bertinato saves safely.8.46 pm

  • 14′

    Restart by Johnson, then a very deep cross by Perini.8.44 pm

  • 12′

    Perini shoots a low ball from the right side, a pass from Ellertsson, a weak and central shot from Bosio, Folignati without problems.8.43 pm

  • 10′

    Massacre in the corridor by Johnson, decisive close by Setum, first corner of the match.8.43 pm

  • 7′

    Emilo catches Sonas in the area who has no space to finish, and Tessman moves away.8.39 pm

  • 5′

    Cetum Warning, late Busio.8.35 pm

  • 3′

    Pohjanpalo runs to Johnsen, closed by Brighenti.8.33 pm

  • 1′

    Venice start – Catanzaro, the ball goes to the Giallorossi.8.31 pm

  • The warm-up phases are over, and Santoro’s match will begin soon.7.55 pm

  • Scognamillo is ruled out, Krajnc plays. Vivarini relied on the Stoppa-Iemmello duo with Sonas and Vandeputie on the wings, while Pompetti preferred Pontisso in the midfield.7.45 pm

  • Vanoli opted for a Bereni-Bohjanbalo-Johnsen trio, with Captain Modulo continuing in defense and Sverko on the left.7.52 pm

  • 4-4-2 for Catanzaro: Folinati – Setome, Krajnc, Brighenti, Ferroli – Sonas, Guion, Bombetti, Vandeput – Stopa, Emilo. Available: Sala, Borelli, Oliveri, Krastev, Miranda, Katsiris, Pontisso, Brignola, D’Andrea, Ambrosino, Biaschi.8.05 pm

  • Here are the lineups. Venice in a 4-3-3 formation: Bertinato – Candela, Altar, Modulo, Sverko – Bosio, Tessmann, Ellertsson – Perini, Bohjanbalo, Johnsen. Available: Grande, Borg, Zampano, Dembélé, Ullmann, Jagalo, Bjarkasson, Andersen, Leila, Cheryshev, Olivieri, Gitkjaer.7.38 pm

  • A big match between the two teams divided by only three points: the Giallorossi, renewed from two successive defeats (to Como and Modena), aim to catch up with the oranges and greens, keen instead to consolidate second place after Parma. .6.59 pm

  • At Pier Luigi Pinzo, everything is ready for the Venezia-Catanzaro match, ahead of the thirteenth round of Serie B.6.57 pm

  • Where the match will be held:

    Stadium: Pierluigi Pinzo
    City: Venice
    Capacity: 7499 spectators6.57 pm

    Source: Getty Images
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