Now it all depends on Chelsea

Now it all depends on Chelsea

The Nerazzurri administration, together with the Belgian lawyer, has practically set the conditions for the striker’s return to Milan. It remains to understand the will of the blues

The secret meeting in Milan between a lawyer lukaku And theInter there was. The Gazzetta dello Sport confirms this. The two parties have practically reached an agreement. Belgian striker Al Chelsea almost earns 15 million total Euros per year and is willing to drastically reduce his salary. He must not have found himself particularly well with Tuchel … Thanks to the tax exemption (if the agreement closes by June 30, you can take advantage of the growth decree), in Italy he will return to his old pre-transfer salary to the premier: 7.5 million net Which would be only 11.

Although Lukaku is doing his best to persuade Chelsea to let him go, the final word remains with the London club, who fainted and bought him last year and cannot sell him. The hope is that the Blues will decide, given the Belgians’ crazy desire to return to Milan, that it is not the case to inadvertently retain a player and can really opt for a loan solution, as he is the only one who is really able to see the Big Rom in the Nerazzurri shirt. .

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