3-3 in the first set

3-3 in the first set

2.24pm – We’re 3-3 in the first set

Medvedev serves like a train. Up to 3-3 in an instant. We are approaching the partial hot stages.

2.12pm – False cancels the break point

The first break point of the match goes to Medvedev, but Sinner cancels it out. Yannick leads 3-2 in the first set.

2.06pm – Sinner leads 2-1 in the first set

An excellent first innings ratio for Sinner, who also keeps the second innings at 15, was also helped by several errors from Medvedev. Yannick leads 2-1 without a break in the first set.

2.04 pm – 1-1 in the first set

Sinner started well on serve: three first balls put him at 40-0, Medvedev went up to 40-30, and then Jannik finished the match. The Russian also holds serve, and we’re 1-1 in the first set.

1.53pm – Here are the players

The players entered the field. The sinner will start at bat.

We are almost here, in a few minutes the ATP 500 final will begin in Beijing between Sinner and Medvedev.

1.04pm – Why does a sinner always send the caraz into a crisis

Jannik Sinner: The reasons that made him the strongest Italian player ever

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