Science is still confused, and the question remains: Do opposites attract in love?

Science is still confused, and the question remains: Do opposites attract in love?

One of the questions we ask ourselves the most is whether opposites attract. Now science is also trying to provide answers

How many times have we asked ourselves this question without finding an answer that satisfies us? In fact, if we stopped to think, we would realize that many popular proverbs were invented specifically to remain imprinted in our minds and come into constant use, as if they were a habit. One of these sayings has to do with love and relationships. “Opposites attract”: How many times have we heard these words spoken that now truly resonate with everyone.

But do opposites really attract? (

We may pretend not to take this common saying into consideration, but in reality we realize that it has managed to permeate and greatly influence our entire relational and social lives, as well as influencing our behaviour. In fact, when we try to establish contacts with people we do not know, we are always looking for aspects of personality that we may have in common with them and, above all, aspects that can make us different and contradictory. This is because we tend to believe it Because of the differences, we may end up having a bad time Or to argue with others.

What does science say about the saying “opposites attract”

Science has also tried to study the status of opposites and the extent to which they actually affect our social relationships. Can we then finally stop torturing ourselves with the concept of diversity? In fact, we must take into account that the relationship between spouses consists of several things: Trust, respect, complicity, understanding. Therefore, attraction in itself may not necessarily be a deciding factor in feeling satisfied with someone.

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Opposites attract in love
Differences in love are not necessarily negative (

Furthermore, we feel that we cannot completely ignore this fact. The secret, says science, is to be able to find the right balance between different and similar characteristics, because even if you are very similar, you may end up falling into monotony, which for a couple is like a maze with no way out. The mistake is to believe that falling in love We must necessarily have common points.

But this is not the case, because the presence of differences in interests allows us to compare ourselves with our partner, question ourselves, and revise our incorrect views. However, when it comes to people’s personalities, sometimes similarity can help even more. However, it is important not to focus too much on these aspects and think more about it The quality of the relationship with others.

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