Dybala: Rome is in fate. Mo’s decisive calls surprised me. 10 tutti? Maybe one day… ‘| Market

Dybala: Rome is in fate.  Mo’s decisive calls surprised me.  10 tutti?  Maybe one day… ‘|  Market

Paulo Dybala Reboot from Rome He entrusted the club’s official channels with his first interview as a Giallorossi player: “I am very happy first of all to be here, very happy to be able to start after a long wait. I wanted to meet my colleagues, the coach and the people who work for Roma: I am happy today to be here.”

Hours before signing – “I think it was very fast. Negotiations last weekend, everything went very quickly. I wanted to start, we made the decision very quickly, then the various checks, the shares of the company … We were able to sign together and start this adventure.”

What convinced him to say yes to Rome – “Many aspects: the communication from the coach, the communication from the manager, the ability to talk to the boss and the owners. They were the most important points, they gave me a lot of certainty and that was very important to me Mourinho was clear in his thoughts and that was one of the most important reasons. Then playing for this The team, for what it represents in the city, the country and the world: it is a beautiful thing.”

Thanks – “My family and friends who have always been close to me and pushed me to come here. The people who work with me and the people of Rome, who did everything to bring me here.”

Mourinho – “We all know him, for what he represents in the world of football. For what he did and what he will do. His calls moved me, I spoke with him a lot and we had a good conversation. I was lucky enough. To play. With the greatest players in football history, and now I am lucky enough to be able to Working with one of the best coaches in football history.”

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Objectives – “Get fit to be able to rise to the level of the team both physically and mentally, to be able to help the team out of my league, to bring the team to continue winning the mentality it was in last year, for Mourinho’s mentality and for what I was able to do in the past. After the World Cup. Close to us, it will be preparing at our best to give the best to this team and get to the World Cup in the best way possible. Then we come to the end of the year with the clearest goals of winning some trophies.”

Rome – “Roma were very international, I knew them even before I came to Italy, for the players who wore this shirt. In recent years there has been significant growth, the club can be seen seriously from the outside and even more inside. The cup they won last year was very visible to the work that They do: there are many other goals that we hope to achieve together.”

Rome in destiny – “I am so excited about this city, as a kid I saw many films about history and wrestlers. I was due to be here one day.”

Los Angeles 21 – “I spoke to the director, and he suggested that I take the number 10 which is very important here for what Totti did: I think this number and this shirt should be his, for what they represent for the city and the fans. Thank you very much, because wearing a shirt like that takes a lot of respect and responsibility, And still his shirt: one day maybe I will be able to wear it, but today I am happy to get 21 which is important to me. With this number I started to win, and I hope to win here too.”

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passion of the masses – “When you play at Olympico for us South Americans, it’s like playing in Argentina, it’s hard to find in Europe. As an opponent, the feelings are good, and playing with your supporters in the Olympics would be a unique thing.”

Fan and city link – “I saw some pictures and was able to talk to my party mates, they were very touched by what they lived through. It shows the warmth this city has, the feelings for football and this shirt. For us footballers we have fans like this. Neighbors through thick and thin. They are very beautiful.”

message – “I thank them for all the letters, it is difficult to reply to all of them. I hope to meet them soon, to see them in Rome, to feel their sympathy and to give a lot of joy.”

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