Vecino and Zaccagni score, and Sarri gets away from the crisis

Vecino and Zaccagni score, and Sarri gets away from the crisis

11.30 pm

Lazio, Zaccagni speaks

After the match, Mattia Zaccagni spoke on Sky Sports about his goal and the team’s moment: “Tonight we were convinced that we were playing a great game. Sarri asked us to start again with defensive solidity and the rest will come.”. Here are all his words.

11.20 pm

Sarri’s statements after the match

“A difficult evening, facing Torino is not easy, but we presented an organized first half and the match was played at an excellent level. There was solidity as a team, and not just defensively. “The team allowed for solidity, and after the first goal, the boys faded away.”. Here are all of Sarri’s words after Torino.

11 pm

Lazio’s new ranking

With the three points it gained at the Olimpico Stadium against Torino, Lazio raised its score to 7 points and ranks eleventh in the standings.

10.41 pm

90’+6′ – The match ends at the Olimpico

Final whistle, Lazio beats Torino 2-0 thanks to goals from Vecino and Zaccagni in the second half.

10.37 pm

90’+4′ – Penalty kick for Torino, VAR says no

Radonich He shoots from inside the area and Hisaj touches it with his arm. Penalty for Fabbri. Who goes for monitoring and retracts the decision. Hip and arm. We continue.

10.31 pm

88′-Castellanos is close to scoring the big goal

Quick landing from Isaksen, who sends in a soft ball: Castellanos’ overhead kick goes wide. How unfortunate for the Argentine.

10.23 pm

79′ – Changes for Torino and Lazio

Bellanova and Lazaro are out for Pellegri and Sobe. For Lazio, problems for Lazzari, replacing Hessay. Zakagne comes out and Isaksen comes in.

10.19 pm

75′ – Lazio doubles their lead with Zaccagni’s goal

Felipe Anderson serves Zaccagni deep, and in his escape in front of Milinkovic, he makes no mistakes. Celebration under the North and celebration at the Olimpico with a 2-0 win.

10.17 pm

74′ – Lazio changes, Immobile also comes out

Vecino and Immobile exit (the bomber jacket is full of choruses) and Guendouzi and Castellanos enter.

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10.07 pm

64′ – Lazaro tries

Bellanova crosses to the far post, and Lazaro tries a difficult shot on the jumper: the ball goes wide of the goal. Shortly after, yellow for immobile.

10.05 pm

62′ – Red card for a member of the Lazio team

Red to protest the presence of a man on the bench (Lucy, athletic trainer). Heated protests for a foul Luis Alberto was not called.

10.03 pm

60′ – Juric changes, two additions for Torino

Zapata and Tamiz come out for Ilic Radonjic and Juric change Torino. Tameze was also booked.

10 pm

56′ – Lazio goal from Vecino

Nice move down the right flank with Felipe Anderson replacing Lazzari, who passed the ball to Vecino. The Olimpico explodes, and some of the tension melts away. Lazio leads 1-0

9.51 pm

47′ – Torino foul, Lazio does not exploit it

Horizontal ball from Rodriguez, Zaccagni recovers and sends to Luis Alberto: the ball is in, but there is no one. Milinkovic cuts the ball.

9.49 pm

46′ – start of the second half

We start again, Torino plays the first ball of the second half. There are no scoring changes at the end of the first half.

9.34 pm

45’+3′ – End of the first half between Lazio and Torino

The first half ended in a goalless draw at the Olimpico Stadium. Balanced match, Lazio improved towards the end without creating any real scoring chances.

9.29 pm

44′ – What a danger for Lazio

Ball in for Zapata, who is marked by Lazzari. The Colombian, two steps away, doesn’t push his head very hard. Provedel blocks without problems.

9.26 pm

40′ – Lazaro does a good job of closing down Immobile

Free kick from Luis Alberto at the far post for Immobile, Lazaro reaches and closes into the corner at the last second. An outside shot from Marošić was blocked by Milinković-Savic from a corner kick.

9.18 pm

33′ – The first warning of the match

Balonova makes a strong tackle from behind on Zaccagni: it’s the first yellow card of the match. The winger moves a lot, and the Torino full-back follows him everywhere.

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9.11 pm

26′ – Problems for Bongiorno: He did not succeed

First substitution for Yorick B Good morning for muscle problems. Sazonov enters.

9.02 pm

17′ – Lazio also appears

Corner from the right where the ball reaches country house Who coordinates poorly and shoots high. Now the Biancocelesti are trying to play a little game…

8.51 pm

6′ – Chance for Torino

Corner on the short side for Vlasic, who kicks hard and blocks Providel with his arms. No one from Torino responded to the goal on the rebound.

8.45 pm

1′ – We start at Olimpico, and Lazio-Torino starts

Lazio on the field in the blue and white shirt, and Torino in the classic bomb kit. First ball for Immobile and his teammates.

8.35 pm

Lazio, Sarri speaks

“We are not worried about the performance, we are worried about the result. The first is what matters. Only by playing well can we have a better chance of winning, and we should not be nervous. We have spoken with the officials.” Children must understand whether something caused this situation or not. The first goal now is to find solidity. When Torino plays Torino, they put everyone in a difficult position. In my opinion, they are one of the strongest teams in the tournament. “We have to move the ball quickly, otherwise we will suffer from their aggression.”. This is how Maurizio Sarri spoke to Sky Sports before kick-off.

8.25 pm

Casale’s statements before the match

to Sky Sports microphones, country house Talk about the Lazio moment: “We discussed what happened during this period. We spoke with the coach and we hope the results will arrive now. Starting this evening we hope to get a result. There are some tactical things that need to be fixed, when you want to win at all costs due to lack of results some things are neglected. We have done several video sessions to improve the situation. We must find defensive performance and solidity, and this applies to everyone, from defense to attack. Last year, opponents struggled to reach the area. “We have to go back to last year’s teams.”

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8.15 pm

Lazio Torino, official lineup and seats

Lazio (4-3-3): Providel. Lazzaro, Casale, Romagnoli, Marosic; Vicino, Rovilla, Luis Alberto; Felipe Anderson, Immobile, Zacajne. available: Sepe, Mandas, Patrick, Pellegrini, Hysaj, Gila, Cataldi, Camada, Guendouzi, Pedro, Castellanos, Isaksen. Attached: Maurizio Sarri.

Torino (3-4-1-2): Milinkovic. Schurz, Bongiorno, Rodriguez; Bellanova, Tamese, Ricci, Lazaro; Vlasic. Sanabria, Zapata. available: Gemello, Brizo, Karamoh, Ilicic, Radonjic, Pellegri, Sazonov, Sek, Vojvoda, Djenetis, Linetti, Sobe, N’Guessan. Attached: Ivan Jurek.


Lazio and Torino are taboo

Lazio has not won any of its last five matches against Torino in the Italian League (D4, L1), after achieving three consecutive victories against Granata in the league.

7.45 pm

Lazio’s problems in attack

Lazio ranks fourth in terms of shots on goal (14), and only Torino (13), Genoa (11) and Cagliari (6) are worse than it. He received 83 shots, the worst being only Empoli (85) and Frosinone (86). There has been no victory at the Olimpico yet, as there were defeats and a draw against Genoa and Monza.

7.40 pm

Lazio, official training

Lazio (4-3-3) – Providil; Lazzari, Casale, Romagnoli, Marosic; Vicino, Rovilla, Luis Alberto; Felipe Anderson, Immobile, Zacajne. Available: Sepe, Mandas, Pellegrini, Gila, Patrick, Hisay, Cataldi, Camada, Guendouzi, Pedro, Isaksen, Castellanos. All valid.

7.30 pm

Lazio, all we need is to win

Not since the 2001-02 season has Lazio started with such a small collection of points (four in the first five matches). With another error against Torino, he will make his worst start in the first six games since the Three Points era (1994-95). Victory over Juric is the only team to emerge from this crisis.

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