Musetti-Shelton 2-0 (6-4, 7-6), what a victory for Blue! Now there is Alcaraz

Musetti-Shelton 2-0 (6-4, 7-6), what a victory for Blue!  Now there is Alcaraz


Mosetti won the tiebreaker, beating Shelton in two sets!

Great tie-break won by Blue! Shilton surrenders to the great Musetti who delivers an exceptional performance and gives Italy another Italian in the round of 16 with Arnaldi and Sinner. Lorenzo will now have to overcome the difficult obstacle of Alcaraz.


Musetti-Shelton 6-6: We go to the tie-break

Musetti holds serve at zero and takes the tiebreak in the second set


Shelton Musetti 6-5: Three break points wasted by Blue

The American again risks too much on his turn of serve and is forced to cancel out three of Lorenzo's break point opportunities


Musetti-Shelton 5-5: Blue holds serve to zero

Lorenzo performed very well and was not affected by the two failed chances in the previous match, holding his serve strongly, and bringing the score back to balance in the second set.


Shelton Musetti 5-4: What a shame for blue!

A very complicated serving round for the American who was called upon to save two break points was brilliantly created by the color blue. In the second, Lorenzo made a serious mistake as he missed a fairly easy forehand, which allowed Shelton to stay in the match and close the match in his favor.


Musetti comments on Shelton: We are at 4-4!

Beautiful turn of serve from the blue that comes back to tie the game in this second set


Shelton Musetti 4-3: Blue creates the counter-kick!

Lorenzo is exceptional, he breaks his opponent's serve and brings the second set back into balance. Now he can serve to equalize


Shelton Musetti 4-2: The match goes by quickly

The match in Miami between the two is very entertaining with very short exchanges interspersed with extraordinary shots from both


Shelton Musetti 3-1: Lorenzo holds serve

Carrarino was finally able to hold serve in this second set and tried to come back in an attempt to restore the American's break point lead.

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Alcaraz defeats Monfils and awaits the winner of the challenge between Musetti and Shelton

The Spanish phenomenon defeats Frenchman Monfils in two sets and awaits the winner of the match between the Italian and the American in the round of 16


Shelton Musetti 3-0

The American holds serve and proves that he is in a very clear moment of growth. On the contrary, Musetti clearly has difficulty countering his opponent's always accurate and powerful shots


Shelton Musetti 2-0, Blue gives up serve

Shelton shows clear improvement and breaks Blue's serve, recovering from 40-15 down


Shelton Musetti 1-0: The American holds serve

The American player started well in the second set, recovering from 0-30 and holding serve with three wonderful hits


Musetti deserves applause: he won the first set 6-4!

A brilliant turn of service for Blue who – also helped by some exciting errors from Shilton – deservedly deserved the first set 6-4.


Shelton goes down again: Musetti still leads 5-4

The American holds serve but Lorenzo will now take back the first set


Musetti comes out well from the first moment of difficulty: 5-3

For the first time the blue player had to gain the advantage with his serve but in the end he was able to preserve the match and extend the lead to 5-3.


Shelton keeps serve in his favor and cuts it short

The American manages to hold his serve with difficulty and defeats the Italian, who is still ahead 4-3


Musetti flies to 4-2

Musetti plays better than his opponent at this point and holds serve, showing precise, linear tennis in contrast to the erratic and somewhat confused Shilton.


Musetti is exceptional: he takes the break to zero!

The first turning point in the match: Al-Azraq leads 3-2 in the first set by breaking his opponent’s serve to zero, the protagonist of two exciting errors.

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Musetti Arrogance: We're at 2-2

We are moving forward without breaks and with excellent service rounds from both players on the field


Chilton Avanti 2-1

The American continues his service period without any problems


Musetti holds serve 1-1

Blue responds to the American and he also holds serve at zero by making two great passes


Shilton holds serve at zero: 1-0 over Musetti

The American defends his turn on serve perfectly, keeping the match scoreless.


Bertolucci: “Musetti is on the rise, he can beat Shilton”

“After a nightmare start to the season, the Italian is improving match after match, and also showing physical growth. For him, the important thing is to manage the match as best as possible on a mental level in a lighter way, without extreme control.” “High expectations, even towards Davis' teammates who are higher in the rankings than him, as is the case with Arnaldi.” These are the words of Bertolucci, who will be covering the match for Sky Sports. “Shilton is a good tennis player, serves well but is inconsistent. Lorenzo has to be good at taking advantage of his drops,” said the former Italian champion.


Shelton's favorite but the only precedent equals Musetti

Musetti and Shilton have only met once in the past and the Italian won on grass. But today's odds are all in favor of the American, who has a 72% chance of passing the round, compared to only 29% for the Italian.


Everything is ready for Musetti Shelton

Blue is ready to enter the third round of the Miami Open against the No. 16 player in the draw. At stake is a place in the round of 16, and perhaps a match against the first seed in the tournament, Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz, who will face Frenchman Monfils at the same time.

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Collins beats Cristea, and Musetti will be on the field soon

The challenge between Collins and Cirstia is over. The American won in two sets with a score of 6-3 and 6-2. Now it will be Musetti Shelton's turn.


Musetti, relive the victory over Savioline

Lorenzo Musetti defeated Saviolin in straight sets in the second round of the Miami tournament. A match dominated by the 22-year-old Italian (Read the review…)


Chilton results in 2024

In 2024, Ben Shelton distinguished himself by reaching the semi-finals in the Auckland and Dallas tournaments. In Acapulco, he stopped in the quarter-finals, while he lost in the Indian Wells tournament to Jannik Sinner.


Musetti, flight to Miami

Lorenzo Musetti presented himself with the challenge against Shelton, having played just one round in Miami. In fact, the 22-year-old Italian benefited from the bye, which allowed him not to take the field in the first round, while in the second match he clearly defeated Safiulin 2-0.


Musetti Shelton, Alcaraz in Destiny

Whoever passes the round between Lorenzo Musetti and Ben Shelton may face Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz in the round of 16, who will play against Frenchman Gael Monfils.


The match between Azarenka and Poulter ended

The challenge between Victoria Azarenka and Katie Poulter is over. The Belarusian won in two sets. The match between Cirstia and Collins will start soon. Then it will be Musetti's turn against Shelton.


Direct ATP ranking

It is possible that the currently ongoing Miami tournament could lead to some changes in the overall standings. Here is the situation in real time…

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