June 6, 2023

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Perisic the future, today’s meeting between the club and the agent: Juventus is always in the window!

The‘inter He licks his wounds for a faint scudetto on the last day and is definitely within reach. Now, however, we need to turn the page and think only and exclusively of the past.

We must do this with the awareness of the two cups won, the Champions League played so well, and the loss of the Scudetto not because of inferiority, but because of naivety.

Speaking of the future, we can’t forget to mention it Ivan Perisic. The Croatian also had a good match yesterday, although he had to leave the field due to an injury.

Getty Images, Ivan Perisic

At the moment there is no certainty, only some clues that have been posted before Baby MarottaBefore the last championship match with Sampdoria: “We have to think about the fan manager’s feelings and with the official’s point of view: he’s not arguing but we should evaluate our capabilities. We will do it to the fullest extent, we are confident that we both want the marriage to continue: next week we will have meetings with agents and I really hope that a positive result will be reached.”

to me Gazzetta dello sport The reason, at least from the accounts, will require a farewell, if the third party does not accept the reduction of the current salary.

At the moment, the player earns 4.8 million net in addition to bonuses and asks for a renewal of 6 million, which is the money that Juventus will give him.

Inter are willing to reach that stake through bonuses and they will likely confirm that to their agent on day one today.

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