LIVE Diving, World Championships 2023 LIVE: Marsaglia is ninth after the fifth

LIVE Diving, World Championships 2023 LIVE: Marsaglia is ninth after the fifth

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10.15 Olvera Ibarra finishes pretty: 395.85 points total for the Mexican is the best in the first battery.

10.11 Jonathan Sokoff finished his race very well: the Swiss has risen to third place and will be 99% into Sunday’s final.

10.10 58.50 points for Ruvalcaba, Dominican finishes in front of Lorenzo Marsaglia.

10.09 is a low score for Celaya Hernandez who is still ahead of Blue.

10.08 Restrepo Garcia, Uribe and Rzeszutek end up behind Marsaglia.

10.06 The only player who could finish behind Blue is Dominican Ruvalcaba, who must score more than 45.35 points to finish ahead of Marsaglia.

10.04 Marsaglia is likely to close the first “battery” of the athletes in eighth place.

Another more than secret 10.02 dive for the Romans: 65.60 for Marsaglia who finished his test at 340.70 points.

10.01 It’s Lorenzo Marsaglia’s time: the blue must finish at least in front of Lotfi, then we’ll have to wait.

An excellent dive of 9.59 by Konovalov: the Ukrainian scored 67.20 points, and it would be almost impossible for Marsaglia to finish in front of him.

9.57 Shixin Li finished his race just four-tenths behind Houlden.

9.56 Lotfi was not unusual in the last session: only 50.70 points for the Austrian.

9.55 Holden finished his match with 374.90 points: the Briton should be in the match the day after tomorrow.

9.53 The penultimate turn ends: Marsaglia is ninth, but the gap from seventh place is nearly eighteen points.

9.52 The extraordinary race of Oliveira Ibarra continues: the Mexican is fourteen points ahead of the second, the Australian Lee.

Objectively 9.49, Marsaglia’s situation is very critical: barring exciting turns, the blue could aim for eighth place, keeping in mind that half of the athletes registered for this race have yet to start their test.

9.47 63.00 points for Suckow: The Swiss is currently in fourth place.

Ruvalcaba’s 9.46 is very good: the Dominican moved up to fourth place, with a total of 295.35 points. Marsaglia is about twenty lengths from the Caribbean Sea.

9.45 69.30 points for Celaya Hernandez: the Mexican is currently in third place.

9.44 Rzeszutek is also overtaken by Marsaglia: the blue has already regained two positions in this turn.

9.44 is a good two-and-a-half-back in the group for Uribe, who remains behind Marsaglia.

9.42 Blue is temporarily in fifth place, just 1.35 points behind Lotfi.

9.38 Finally! The three-and-a-half was executed perfectly advanced by Marsaglia: 64.50 for the blue who will regain positions after this series.

9.37 Lorenzo Marsaglia time, blue can do no wrong if he wants to keep hoping.

9.35 Konovalov performed well in the fifth session: 62.40 points for the Ukrainian, who rose to third place.

Lee’s 9.33 71.40 points returned to the top of the standings, knocking Holden off the top by 2.60 points.

9.32 60.45 Lotfi: The Austrian was in front of Marsaglia after the fourth series.

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9.31 Jordan Holden’s excellent run continues: The Briton rose to 312.50 points after the fifth dive.

9.29 Marsaglia closes the fourth turn eleven: Blue must not necessarily miss the two remaining dives in order to stay in the race with the aim of qualifying.

9.28 Olvera Ibarra remains in charge after four series: the Mexican is nine points ahead of the British Holden.

9.27 Marsaglia is currently in tenth place, 38.90 points away from Houlden at the top of the standings.

Suckow’s 9.24 rises to third place: a total of 243.50 points for the Swiss.

9.23 Ruvalcaba loses ground: The Dominican is behind Celaya Hernandez in fourth.

9.22 The highest result of the race for Mexican Celaya Hernandez, who rose to third place with a dive of 71.40 points.

9.20 Uribe and Rizotec pass the blue zone in the standings.

9.18 Marsaglia is currently in fifth place, but many athletes will end up ahead of him at the end of this turn.

9.16 is a lot of incoming spots for Blue, who only gets 46.50 points from this dive. The Romanian is in great danger of qualifying for the final.

9.15 It’s time for Lorenzo Marsaglia: Double back and half back in his diving combination.

9.12 54.00 points total Danilo Konovalov with the fourth dive: the Ukrainian who is provisionally third.

9.10 is not ideal for me on a dunking fourth: The Australian puts himself behind Holden when there are two laps to go.

A large 9.08 double and a half was returned to Holden: the Briton passed seventy points with this dive.

9.07 Marsaglia has regained four places in this round, rising to ninth: the blue still has room to move up in the standings.

9.06 Olvera Ibarra remained the leader at the end of the third lap: 199.80 total for the Mexican in the middle of the race.

9.03 Suckow was temporarily placed in third place with 182.10 points.

9.01 Ruvalcaba’s convincing competition continues: the Dominican moved up to second place with a total of 185.60 points.

9.00 moves Celaya Hernandez to provisional fourth place.

Uribe’s 8.58 is even worse, earning only 37.80 points off the third dive.

8.57 Reverse double and half set Let’s forget Restrepo Garcia: The Colombian is also undercut by Lorenzo Marsaglia for seventy cents.

Marsaglia’s 8.54 pushed the judges a little: the blue points 55.50 points in the third session, at the moment the Romanian is fourth.

8.53 It’s Marsaglia’s turn for the third dive in his preliminary.

8.52 Lorenzo Marsaglia’s time will come soon.

8.51 Ukrainian Konovalov moved up to third place with a dive of 58.50 points.

8.49 Shixin Li takes the lead with a total score of 191.20 points.

8.47 A fair third dive for Jordan Holden, with 58.50 points.

8.45 At the end of the second turn, Marsaglia lost nine positions: the Romanian is currently in thirteenth place. We need to avoid another mistake in order to continue to hope for the final.

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8.44 Olvera Ibarra’s excellent run continues: the Mexican is clearly in first place with an overall score of 135.10.

8.42 Suckow takes the lead! The Swiss, with a total of 128.10 points, is one point ahead of Lee and leads the standings.

8.40 Ruvalcaba is confirmed in second place behind Li with a total of 124.80.

8.39 Pole Rzeszutec and Mexican Celaya Hernandez also surpassed Lorenzo Marsaglia.

An excellent 8.37 dive for another Colombian, Luis Uribe, who scored 62.70 points and rose to provisional fifth place.

8.36 moves Colombian restaurant Restrepo Garcia to provisional fourth place.

8.34 is a disaster for the Croatian Neviskanen, who gets only 28.50 points from leading two and a half times.

Marsaglia’s 8.32 is still a rarity on this dive: Blue slips again with a 46.20 partial score earning him a provisional fourth place.

8.31 It’s Carlos Escalona’s turn, then Marsaglia’s turn.

8.29 In a few minutes it’s up to Lorenzo Marsaglia for turn two.

The Australian’s 8.27 getting 59.20 with a second dive is not perfect.

8.26 It’s time for race leader Shixhin Li after the first lap.

A good 8.25 second dive for Britain’s Holden, who got a portion of 59.40, and momentarily took the lead.

8.24 after the first round, Marsaglia was ranked fourth after the first round. In the lead, we find the Australian Lee with a score of 67.50.

8.23 Mexican Olvera Ibarra Marsaglia settled from the third temporary place with a score of 65.60.

8.21 We are nearing the end of the first session regarding this group.

8.20 Fatal error for the Spaniard Abadia, who scored only 35.65 points, which is equal to the last provisional position.

8.19 Jonathan Sokov (Switzerland) moved up to third in the previous standings with Lorenzo Marsaglia.

8.18 Ruvalcaba moved up to second with a score of 66.30.

8.17 Attention to the Dominican Ruvalcaba, the finalist of the last world edition.

8.14 Daniel Restrepo Garcia (Colombia) is behind Marsaglia, two points behind the Romanian.

8.12 A good start for the Croatian Neviskanen, who rose to fourth place.

An excellent 8.10 start for the Roman who flies into second place: a score of 65.10 for Marsaglia, 2.40 away for Lee.

8.09 Now the Cuban Escalona, ​​it will be Lorenzo Marsaglia’s turn.

8.09 Ukrainian Konovalov rose to third place with a score of 54.60.

8.08 Meanwhile, Houlden’s score: 61.20 total for the Brits, currently second only to Li.

8.07 would vault Marsaglia for twelfth place in this qualifier.

8.05 Australian Lee leads the way with a score of 67.50.

8.04 did not show the result of Holden’s first dive, it was time for the Austrian Lofty to dive.

The 8.03 dive is definitely revisionable for the Swedes, and now it’s up to Briton Houlden.

8.00 We can start, the first to jump will be the Swede David Ekdal.

7.57 The sixty-three athletes on the start list will be divided into two sub-groups: Marsaglia will jump into the first group, while Tucci will have to wait until he can enter the race because he is part of the second group.

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7.53 During the Italian night, the positive vibes of the blue movement have already arrived: Elena Bertocchi and Chiara Pellacani have passed the cut-offs in the qualifying of the counter, thus reaching the final chapter that will take place in the early Italian morning.

7.50 For Italy there will be Giovanni Tocci and Lorenzo Marsaglia, two athletes now in the prime of their careers and with the right experience to face this race: Calabria, in particular, welcomes the counter test, given the results obtained from this height (iridescent bronze in 2017, two continental silvers and two bronzes). Even the Romanian, silver at the European Championships in Rome in 2022, covets his credentials for Sunday’s final, and the form he’s showing at the European Games bodes well for the races in Japan.

7.45 Qualifying will be very tough: in fact, there will be 12 passes available for the final the day after tomorrow, while 49 athletes will have to see off the race. They consider that two places, in all probability, will already be secured by the Chinese Zheng Jiuyuan and Peng Jianfeng, and the elimination can also be punished only by diving not made at best.

7.40 Hello friends of OA Sport and welcome back to the men’s counter first trampoline live stream.

Good morning, sports friends, and welcome live feed from First day Regarding me diving to World Cup 2023 to Fukuoka (Japan): We start with the women’s and men’s preliminary rounds from the counter.

At 3.00 CST, the girls’ qualification begins: Italy presents itself Claire Pelacani And Elena Bertucci. Romain was born in 2002, from the rich campaign of the European Games, an event in which she won four medals, including a gold from three meters, a pass for Paris, while the more experienced Lombard, bronze world champion in Budapest in 2017 in this race, recently returned to the race After various physical problems, hoping that the condition will improve after participating in Poland.

08.00 time, however, for the start of the men’s elimination round: for Bill Paese they will be first John Tucci And Lorenzo Marsaglia. The two Azzurri could represent outsiders in terms of podiums, especially Calabria, third in Budapest in 2017, who see this race with a good eye. It will be important to be among the top twelve rankings: the competition is high and even one mistake can cost access to the final.

Both races will be visible on Sky Sport Summer, Sky Go, Now TV and Rai Play, while Rai 2 will broadcast the women’s race, Rai Sport + HD for the men. OA Sport will provide the live transcript for the two events, Never miss a single moment of the races through the live broadcastwe are waiting for you!

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