Paredes out: Paris Saint-Germain is open to discounts, but Juventus has already decided | first page

Paredes out: Paris Saint-Germain is open to discounts, but Juventus has already decided |  first page

The goal is not life changing. Nor is the judgment on a disappointing season from every point of view, at least according to Juventus. However, the goal scored by Lecce allowed Leandro Paredes Carving out space even after the match, the Argentine midfielder took advantage of it to step out into the open. He openly declares that he wants to stay black and white: “I am happy here, there are discussions in all families. Let’s move forward together. if you stay I don’t know, I live my life day by day and hope it’s the best solution for everyone. I am happy, and my family too, and I hope to stay hereIn short, what happened was. But this is not enough to erase everything. And despite the will of Paredes, also strong at PSG and who would be willing to do anything to leave him in Turin, Juventus’ decision does not seem to change: Paredes’ adventure is in the end, except for exciting twists that will not change. the situation – Rewinding the tape, the summer agreement stated that it must be purchased in the event of qualification for the knockout stages of the Champions League. Once this condition was abolished, the right of redemption continued, always in the same numbers: 22.6 million plus 3 in bonuses, and also 2.2 million in extra fees. A lot for sure. With Juventus making it clear early on that they are not interested in going beyond this season, Even considering just the relationship between performance and salary (over 7 million net). The decision was emphasized even as emissaries from PSG arrived to try to revise the agreement, drastically reduce overall demand, and facilitate advantageous payment formulas. Nothing to do, at least for now. At least in this case, the goal isn’t changing people’s lives.

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