Fiorentina hesitated in the second half, but surpassed Benevento by comparison and mediated the passage of the Italian Cup.

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Fiorentina 2-1 Benevento (18′ Milinkovic, 47′ Sutil, 50′ Moncini)

Fiorentina (4-3-3): Rosati. Venuti, Milinkovic; Igor, Terzic; Benassi (66° Duncan), Amrabat (75° Bulgar, 87° Bianco), Melih; Callejon (66° Gonzalez), Kokorin (75° Vlahovic), Sutil.

90′ + 4 ends here! Fiorentina beat Benevento 2-1 thanks to Milinkovic’s goals in the first half and Sutil at the beginning of the second half. Then Viola collects the goal of the guests and never returns to the match, but Viola hit the pass to the second round and you will watch it against Napoli.

90′ + 3 Vlahovic tries to move right to serve Gonzalez but closes at the last minute.

90′ + 2 Warning to the white who goes to kick the ball when the game is stopped to waste time for the opponent.

90′ there will be 4 minutes of recovery.

87 He can’t go to Bolgar, who just entered the field. It’s up to White.

85′ The match was stopped due to a blow to Polgar’s Achilles.

82′ Marc Benevento with Lapadula, but there’s Di Serio sneaking in.

79 Another Benevento change: Acampora comes out, there’s Roberto Insigne.

77′ Sutil tries from a distance, the ball in Manfredini’s arms.

76′ Maschiangelo withheld from Gonzalez, his yellow card.

75′ Double change for Fiorentina: Amrabat and Kokorin exit, it’s up to Pulgar and Vlahovic.

73 reproach to Calo for a degree to Gonzales.

70′ Benevento attack change: Moncini is out and here is Lapadula.

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69 Fiorentina’s game setting still leaves something to be desired, precision missing.

66′ double change at Fiorentina: Benassi and Callejon exit, it’s up to Gonzalez and Duncan.

65 What an opportunity for Benevento, as Kalou went to the floor and a shot from the edge of the area forced Rosati to parade!

62′ Confused the racing stage, the game doesn’t go smoothly on both sides.

59′ Benevento tries to speed up the attacking maneuver, Fiorentina tries to keep the ball.

56′ Callejon offs to the right for Sottil who attempts a direct deduction on goal, rejecting the ball to Manfredini.

55′ double change in Benevento: Sau and Brignola leave, Di Serio and Improta go to the field.

53′ Fiorentina tries to come back with a snake attack from Igor but is closed off at the edge of the area.

50′ Benevento goal. The purple defense slept with Moncini who was very free and threw a cross from Sau from the right to the goal. Score 2-1.

Say 47 skinny weak! Benassi’s cross into the far corner, Sutil hit his head, Manfredini was rejected short and the purple winger rushed on the ball to deposit it in the goal with two clean goals.

45′ starts the second half. At Benevento, Caserta coach Tilo replaced Palloneta.

45′ The first half ends here. Fiorentina took a 1-0 lead thanks to Milinkovic’s goal, but Benevento had few chances to equalise.

44′ Fiorentina tries to play as many balls as possible on the wings, Benevento tries to appear in attack especially when Viola is found unprepared.

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41′ Closing Moncini who escapes from the Violet defense and pulls, once again a decisive Rosati.

38 ′ opportunity was missed by Kokorin who pulls diagonally from the right on Benevento Manfredini goalkeeper after a good pass from Benassi in the rear.

36′ What a chance for Benevento, with Glick crushing his head towards the door, Bara Rosati! Fiorentina should be more careful in these circumstances.

34 ′ a caligon transverse to Kokorin’s head which, however, only touches it.

31 ′ Sottil goes far to the right, but Kokorin cannot be found where he should be at the moment of passing.

28′ Benevento who insisted on returning the ball to the center several times, but the purple defense pushes them all away.

25 What a chance for Benevento! Elijah from the right offers chocolate to neglect Akampura who goes to the shot, but the score is central and Rosati makes the ball his own.

24 ′ Try with the left Malih the ball deflected down.

21′ Benevento tries to respond right away: Sau fishes by playing Moncini in the area, his shot being deflected by Rosati.

18′ GOOOOOOOL!!!! Milinkovic! On the corner kick developments, Igor makes a tower in the area and collects Milinkovic with a header to the side line 1-0!

15′ Milenkovic finds Callejon on the right side, then a ball to Kokorin who tries to get it back into the middle but Benevento immediately gets to work again.

13′ all possession of Fiorentina, which runs constantly through the frontal area now.

10′ Terzic’s shot from just outside the area At Melih’s suggestion, Benevento’s defense covers the course of the finale.

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7′ Chance for Benevento! A cross shot from the right flanks the far post for Kali who comes out very little.

6′ Sombrero from Acampora on Amrabat and Benevento trying to present himself first on offense, but the purple defense cancels it all out.

3′ Action by Fiorentina with Sutil sending a cross over the other side for Callejon, but was cleared by the direct mark before hitting the ball.

1, the race begins!

at 21 Fiorentina will take the field in franks against the Benevento, in the race valid for the 32nd round of Italian Cup. Primary appointment of a team Italian, which aims to get to the bottom of the competition. As usual You will follow the game with its live text, keeping you informed of everything that is happening on the field.

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