Vaqua believes it is “key” to make huge demands on airlines to “eliminate” carry-on baggage fees

Vaqua believes it is “key” to make huge demands on airlines to “eliminate” carry-on baggage fees

Vaqua believes that it is “essential” that passengers, who in recent years have been overcharged for boarding a plane with their carry-on baggage, file huge lawsuits in court to “eliminate” this practice without waiting for a final ruling, which, according to For the entity’s secretary-general, Rubén Sanchez, it will take years. Sanchez announced the creation of a platform to advise consumers on how to claim refunds for the past five years in court without having to go to a lawyer. According to Vaqua, airlines may find it “very expensive” to commit fraud because they will have to deal with legal action and, at the same time, refunds and penalties.

At a press conference on Monday after the announcement of a €150 million fine from the Ministry of Consumer Affairs last week on Ryanair, Vueling, Easyjet and Volotea for making travelers pay for their carry-on bags, among other practices, Sanchez explained that the entity will continue to submit claims to the relevant independent administrations. In the field of consumption, it will require it to impose a fine on companies in an amount “significantly higher than the amount that was defrauded.”

Sanchez, who encouraged consumers to file claims with consumer protection authorities in parallel with judicial proceedings, explained that “administrations cannot impose refunds, but they can impose penalties for illegality,” and that airlines are forced to withdraw this measure. “The sum of the actions of consumers in parallel with the processing of this total fine of 150 million euros could lead to the elimination of this practice and put an end to the illegal act that was committed six years ago,” he ruled.

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The ALA employer clarified last Friday that nothing will change in the summer because the decision is not firm and there is still the possibility of an appeal to the Minister for Consumer Affairs, and if it is not convenient for them, an appeal can be made to the courts.

The Secretary General of Facua refuted the arguments made last Friday by the President of the ALA, Javier Gandara, and said that if there are many travelers who choose not to carry hand luggage it is because they cannot afford it or they cannot afford it. Don’t want to pay extra.

“We have seen users traveling with three shirts to avoid paying or breaking the wheels of the suitcase. It condemns users to disfigurement and forces them to do things that have no legal logic,” said Sanchez, who stressed that he will continue to file claims with consumer protection authorities in communities.

However, Vaqua has announced the creation of an advisory platform on how to claim refunds for amounts collected “illegally” by airlines. The association recalled that airlines ranked fourth among the most reported sectors and that transportation concentrated 9% of Vacua claims.

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