New decline in unemployment and new record memberships before the summer season

With the end of summer and the beginning of the tourist season, unemployment rates decrease again during the month of May. In Catalonia, 6,248 people left the SOC lists, and the total number of registered people remained at level 330.782. This is 1.8% lower than in April, and 1.58% lower than a year ago.

In Spain as a whole, the number of people registered as unemployed in May fell by 58,650 compared to the previous month. This is it 2.2% less The total number is estimated at 2,607,850 people.

It is the lowest May level since 2008, before the subprime crisis hit, and represents 4.79% fewer people — 131,260 people — than a year ago.

Membership register

And all of this coincides with a record number of Social Security members. they 3,806,364 million in Catalonia42,194 more than last month.

And in Spain as a whole Exceeds 21.1 million. The increase was 220 thousand people.

Hospitality is the fastest growing sector – With a growth of 77,913 people in May and a total of 1,593,356 workers – followed by administrative activities – 22,207 additional people and a total of 1,437,532 – health care – 13,202 additional people and a total of 1,876,570 – and commerce – an additional 12,606 people and a total of 2,586,184.

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