Old age rule

Old age rule


03-10-2024 19:55

No matter what is said, those who move the cherry of the virtual world, what they want are just users, not smart or willing users.

Trump and Biden. Hey

I do not deny that seniority is a degree, according to the requirements of the wisdom of the ancestors, and therefore, with the passage of years, knowledge, experience, and other useful things accumulate. But I believe that boundaries, both above and below them, are becoming increasingly necessary. Especially when there is a group of beneficiaries who are looking for the disappearance of these boundaries in order to gain access to either power, money, or the will of others. Because, to give a very contemporary example, it would seem necessary to place some kind of restrictions on the use of new technologies by the youngest members of the population. A restriction that protects them from their weaknesses and also from their innate curiosity. Because if there's anything this pristine curiosity has, it's a lack of rational motivation. When a child picks up a cell phone and starts typing, he or she is probably looking up something they saw, something they were shown for a moment, or something they heard about. It's hard to see an elementary school student automatically looking up her spelling mistakes instead of singing songs from the last Euphoria concert. Which is that, no matter how much it is said, those who move the cherry of the virtual world, what they want are just users, not intelligent or willing users.

But, if we go to the other end of the spectrum of life, generally forgotten or not given sufficient attention (just remember the statement of Madrid President Díaz Ayuso about the elderly in housing and the epidemic), the situation is not throwing missiles either. But here in the opposite sense to what I said before. Encouraging veterans to enjoy (in the most enjoyable sense of the word) the life they have left. Of course, leaving money in the hands of those who do and retreat in order to preserve it. And often even in an obscene manner and propose solutions based on the benefit that they represent.

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It is curious that these two extreme positions, when there is an attempt to justify them, clash with apparently pure mentalities that invoke (albeit sincerely and with conviction) the rights and freedoms of young or elderly citizens in order to continue to exercise his enriching dictatorship. . With examples and suggestions that should make us blush with shame. Such as the announcement of putting a type of mobile bank in cars so that people in small towns or the elderly can manage their pensions or pay their receipts more easily. Of course, one or two days a week, which is why most of them already have families. And so that bank employees can answer the phone without getting out of their chairs. Or carry out telephone medical consultation. As if everyone is knowledgeable enough to answer a questionnaire about back pain.

The most curious thing about all this is that those who propose, advocate or initiate it are usually not young people. They have to work hard to realize these ideas effectively and without much doubt. They are, as a rule, veterans who, protected by their supposed wisdom, make flour among themselves, following the old principle of “today mine, tomorrow yours.”

Hence, if we take a look around the planet, we see how old age is being enforced. The United States, which has mirrored us so much in the past, is a case in point. With two “elders” fighting for power. Trump has a somewhat dark career, events that justice (his?) is bad at concealing, some newspapers (hers?) are bad at rationalizing, and Biden has a fragile memory, a faltering career, and a beleaguered expression. Really, whoever takes the fish to the cave will be responsible? Or will it be just a small piece in the hands of a board of elderly people who can barely hold the wind? How will it happen, soon, on the other side, where a group of reckless immature people impose their will on everyone. But who knows if it was funded by the same Council of Elders. Which, by the way, in the Spartan world of cod-cutting gyros, they had to be sixty years old to get to.

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