February 5, 2023

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Musk loses title of world stingy after Tesla fuss on Wall Street

Tesla closed down 4.1% on Wall Street. A decrease in which Elon Musk’s fortune is reduced to “only” $ 163.6 billion, which costs him the title of the global miser. At the end of the session, in fact, Bernard Arnault holds the scepter of the richest man in the world, which was snatched from Musk during the regular negotiations. Arnault has a net worth of $170.8 billion.

Elon Musk recently dismantled the Twitter Safety Committee, which was set up in 2016 to address child exploitation, hate speech, suicide, and other issues on the platform. The Washington Post reported this, citing an email sent to nearly 100 committee board members. The committee was dissolved less than an hour before the expected meeting of the Trust and Safety Board which was supposed to discuss the latest developments via Zoom.

Then-Tesla chairman Elon Musk reorganized Twitter’s legal division and appears to be setting himself up for potential new legal action. The New York Times reported that, citing some sources, according to which the billionaire had instructed employees not to pay sellers by anticipating potential lawsuits. To cut costs, Twitter didn’t pay rent at its San Francisco headquarters and other offices around the world for weeks, and also refused to pay the $197,725 private air travel bill it incurred the week Musk bought Social Networks.

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