Elixir “Judit Swift” by Isabel Garcia Pagan

Elixir “Judit Swift” by Isabel Garcia Pagan

Anxiety, insomnia, extreme tension, collapse of defenses… The neighbors of the Bernabéu stadium pass the medical statement for com.eventòdrom: Two Taylor Swift concerts, the doors are open to watch the Champions League final and the Madrid celebration. Yesterday owner @RuidoBernabeu informed the beloved ‘disturbers’ that they had ‘barely’ survived the ‘hellish’ sound level. He is a madridista from Mental health Which lends itself to memes in the spirit of sportsmanship, even if you turn it into a living dead swish. The forecasts are not very encouraging. This week it is Duque and the expected display of Mbappe and in July the double of Luis Miguel, the evening of poker Ebay Lanus and Karol Gee.

This house’s windows are profitable on networks like @CAMP_NOU_NOW windows. With nothing to celebrate, fans are enjoying the ‘digital retirees’ Twitch channel, which follows the progress of FC Barcelona’s stadium and comments on it live. Eric Serveto has 100,000 followers on Instagram, 80,000 on TikTok, 6,000 on YouTube…

Two million views of the hackers’ video of the site and live commentary on every crane movement from street engineers. “Everyone has a Barcelona coach inside and a worker from the construction sites at the Camp Nou,” admits the channel’s fans. “Farewell to the argument of those who retire from social talk behind the walls.” The cranes are moving and… “Today it looks like we will be able to see how a Lego piece is assembled before it is lifted”, “The workers will fry in the heat”, “They still have not placed the far left crossbar” of the first tile”… Chat “Pure drugs “.

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Judit Martin’s gag about Taylor Swift in “Està passant”


Without cultural gigs or income from huge concerts, @JuditMartinD’s gag has turned into Taylor Swift’sIt’s happening It is more than just a consolation. The digital descriptor is Javier Duran @tortondo, the famous screenwriter and prominent member of the Popular Front of Judea, who hands down the “wonder” best “clown, by surprise.” “A piece of comedy of an astonishing standard, pisses off any movie sketch Saturday Night Live“.

The video, which received more than 200,000 views, received unprecedented unanimous applause for X. Judit Swiftis the translator and composer of Taylor, a Bob Marley clone, of Eulalia Rigwant and herself. Mother of God Del Rocio was denounced on the networks and acquitted in court. “The Black Monster”, “The Elixir of Bad Times”. “They must receive it”… To the residents of the Bernabéu and the repentant Barcelona fans.

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