Suzuki eVX: the first time

Suzuki eVX: the first time

Suzuki takes a decisive step into the electric age, presenting the concept at the Maruti Suzuki stand at the 2023 Auto Show in New Delhi Suzuki eVX. In addition to mild, full and plug-in hybrid engines (the latter has arrived thanks to the agreement with Toyota), the Japanese manufacturer does not yet have an electric model in its price list. the gap to be bridged 2025 When we see the serial version of eVX, it has been officially confirmed by Suzuki itself.

there Suzuki eVX It is an SUV that stands out for its powerful design. Dimensions of compact, with 430 cm long180 cm wide and 160 cm high. The hood is flat, with two slight curves, instead of it there are two headlights in the shape of an “arrow” and devoid of the usual grille. Visible raw plastic protection in the ergonomically designed wheel arches and visible protection on the bumper and rear fascia give it an off-road look. Viewed from the side, you notice the aerodynamically designed rims, flat roof, showy camber, and small rear window that accentuates the prominent rear overhang. Horizontal lights have two horizontal light elements; Instead an LED strip is placed over it that extends to the full width.

Specifications not disclosed electric power train. The house was limited to saying so Suzuki eVX he have Four-wheel drive And a 60 kWh battery guarantees up to 550 km of autonomy.

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