Vanessa Incontrada, guest of Gigi Di Alessio from the Naples crowd, raises the choir, You are beautiful

Vanessa Incontrada, guest of Gigi Di Alessio from the Naples crowd, raises the choir, You are beautiful

The presenter was a guest of Gigi D’Alessio at the concert that celebrated his 30-year career.

also Vanessa Incontrada I was Gigi D’Alessio’s guest at Piazza del Plebiscito, in Naples, for the evening event that celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Neapolitan artist’s career. The two formed a big friendship two years ago, while they were hosting “20 Years We’re Italian”, which aired on Rai1, in prime time.

mozzarella curtain

Stepping up on stage in Piazza del Plebiscito, Di Alessio greeted the Spanish-born presenter with a plate of mozzarella, inviting her to sample one of the typical products of Campania. In those same seconds, the audience raised the choruses of applause for Incontrada, the song “You are beautiful” which the Naples audience probably wanted to perform In response to the controversy in recent daysAbout Vanessa Incontrada.

Evening guests

Not only is Vanessa Incontrada, among the many guests on stage to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Gigi Di Alessio’s career, many are the loud names in music and television. Here are all the guests on stage with Gigi Di Alessio:

Alessandra Amoroso
Achille Lauro
Fiorella Manuia
Vincenzo Salmi
Eros Ramazzotti
Alessandro Ciani
Mara Venere
Andrea Delogo
Stefano Di Martino
Maurizio Casagrande
Massimo Alberti
Francesco Merola
Mirage Rosary
Laila Blade
Umm in Killa
samurai jay
Enzo Dong
Valley Lampo
Franco Ricciardi
Ivan Granatino

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Songs and songs of the concert in Naples

It hasn’t been announced what lineup Gigi D’Alessio will perform during “Uno come me – Thirty Years Together” but D’Alessio is sure to play some of his most famous songs. According to what has learned that D’Alessio should start with two of his war horses, “never give up” and “how much he loves”, there will be “lamours” just as surely as there will be “never tell” to him.

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