February 1, 2023

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MasterChef Italia off the air: the judges really did it

An unscheduled stunt at MasterChef Italia featuring the three judges of the cooking show, who pulled off something completely incredible that didn’t go unnoticed in any way.

MasterChef Unscheduled Judges – RicettaSprint

A very special moment for all fans of the program dedicated to the Sky Home Cooking Competition. Masterchef ItalyGiven that over the next few weeks we will have the opportunity to see and get to know those who will animate the twelfth season of the show with their passion for cooking and the stories they have to tell.

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The new season of the cooking program is really rich and full of great surprises, especially with regard to the differences that the three judges of the program said, Bruno BarbieriAnd the Antonino Canavaciolo And the George Locatelliintends to implement … a long series of twists and turns that will make MasterChef Italia 12 unique from every point of view.

Off air at MasterChef Italy

TV fans can’t wait to find out all the big news that will make the 12th edition of the show special Masterchef ItalyGiven that during the summer the three judges kept a certain secret, find out what happened behind the scenes. a few months ago George Locatelli He shared on his official social page a photo taken in Salento thus showing a colossal panorama, the only real spoiler going back to MasterChef due to the tag the featured chef added in his photo along with other recent shots like the one only posted once a week ago which he is filming on set With his colleague and friend Bruno Barbieri.

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MasterChef Unscheduled Judges - RicettaSprint
MasterChef Unscheduled Judges – RicettaSprint

A heavy press blackout is hovering over the 12th edition of the program which bodes well for the public to realize A more exclusive project than it actually is Masterchef Italy If it wasn’t already, which could also mark the season’s undisputed records.

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In fact, it is through the scenes of the web’s attention in these hours that we find the story of an exciting off-broadcast event that served as the backdrop for a video that went viral in the last few hours.

The three judges really did it

from year to year Bruno BarbieriAnd the George Locatelli And the Antonino Canavaciolo They are invited to participate in promotional activity in light of the early airing of the cooking show Masterchef Italytells you in front of the cameras or even better makes videos that inevitably spread across the web in which the three judges ironically cast themselves on the authors’ fantasies.

MasterChef Unscheduled Judges - RicettaSprint
MasterChef Unscheduled Judges – RicettaSprint

Similarly, recently all three judges chef Italy carried out the task for 007 Named 00meatballs with a license to cook… A MasterChef promotional video lets the audience understand how the new competitors in the 12th edition can be among the toughest and most eager to win compared to previous editions. In short, one last challenge is about to be presented.

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