Ilary Blasi, how she dressed her little girl up for Halloween: It’s terrifying

Ilary Blasi, how she dressed her little girl up for Halloween: It’s terrifying

Ilarie Blasi, how she dressed her youngest daughter for Halloween. beyond belief.

For many years now also in our country We celebrate Halloween night Which falls exactly on October 31st. Actually since the afternoon, thanks to the fact that IThe next day is All Saints’ Day And that young people and children do not go to school, which is often the goal He’s already starting to party and have fun.

They organize themselves in shopping malls Themed eventsAs well as in clubs and restaurants that offer dCustom lists in which Pumpkin It can never be missing. Many people love him Decorate your tables and your homes With little spiders, pumpkins and drawings related to this holiday as well Wear fashion.

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We find many beautiful things ready for sale, both for sale and for rent, but there are a lot of them They prefer to focus on it Do it yourself. This is what God did Ilary Blasi Who actually thought about trying the dress on for the very special occasion His youngest daughter. Let’s talk about the little one Isabelle Who is only 7 years old.

Ilarie Blasi, how she dressed her little daughter for Halloween

The little girl is His third childThe fruit of her love with her now ex-husband Francesco Tottiwhich she also gave birth to Christian and Chanel Which has also become very popular, especially the second daughter who is very active on social media. Mainly on Tik Tok and Instagram. Her boyfriend will definitely help her in this direction Tik Tok Christian Babalos.

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Anyway too His famous mother He is very skilled in this field and his official Instagram profile is very rich in content and is very popular. And now it is shown to us through the story The appearance of his beloved Isabelle on Halloween. definitely horrifying.

Ilary Blasi

Isabelle holds a shirt, red spots and a syringe in her hand, terrified

The little girl ties her hair into a high bun. He is wearing a white shirt And some cute tight matching tights. On his feet, he wears comfortable home slippers of the same color. Red mark spotsSymbolizing blood, it appears on his clothes. in Hand holding a syringe. She’s looking at the camera so she definitely knows she’s being immortalized.

The appearance is bleakIt’s clearly tailored to the situation and the role it plays in some way. In short, it seems At Blassie’s house It’s already been done Vacation training Where many children with this question trick or treat They stock a lot of sweets.

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