June 3, 2023

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Mobile phone charger, that’s why you should always unplug it

We often tend to leave our mobile phone charger plugged in. This, however, is a grave mistake. Let’s find out why.

With extensive use of their devices, having a safe source of charging always provides convenience. This, however, can lead to unpleasant situations. Whether oblivion or otherwise, has attacked mobile phone charger For the power outlet is dangerous. here because.


It’s not uncommon to leave your mobile phone charger plugged into a power outlet. Although the device is fully charged. Because of forgetfulness or out of habit, this act certainly has a certain consequence. An effect that should not be underestimated at all.

Therefore, the charger becomes a very important accessory. It is no coincidence that over time, travel bags are increasingly in the lead. Although we showed some time ago How to charge your smartphone without a charger. However, we will now focus on removing this accessory from the power plug.

Mobile phone charger, it is better to remove it from the power socket: here is why

Like we said, it’s not unusual to leave your cell phone charger plugged in. This position is strongly discouraged. Indeed, after charging the device, it must be removed from the socket. That’s because leaving it in the stream will wear out anyway Energy. Even if nothing is loaded. This position is dictated by the fact that it has a small adapter inside. This always requires small amounts of energy.

Its continued operation can be seen from the fact that the charger is slightly warm. Also, according to Catherine Senior of EnergtSavingSecretsThe charger connected to the outlet consumes 0.25 watts. It seems a very low number but if there is such a habit in the family then the total will change and affect the bill.

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In this regard, the cost depends primarily on guy From charger then fromabsorb of the same energy. Move to Quality of building the addon, and finally, at the price you pay for each kilowatt-hours of energy. In addition to data on expenses, the always connected charger reduces its duration. The risk of breakage is high because it tends to overheat. Which will lead to problems in both components and functionality. A worn out charger will charge our devices slower.

However, the consequences of this procedure are not only related to the charger but also to the mobile phone. This habit, in fact, can harm the health and efficiency of the device as well. Thus, as we can see, the consequences are really diverse. The negative impact starts from the charger and reaches our devices. But that’s not all because this habit also conflicts withenvironment. In short, the negative points abound and so it is advised to pay attention and remove the phone charger when you have to.