Vanessa Incontrada chases down body shame with a beautiful shot: ‘I love our physical appearance’

Vanessa Incontrada chases down body shame with a beautiful shot: ‘I love our physical appearance’

Vanessa Incontrada is one of the artists in the TV scene Italians are most appreciated by the public. Of Hispanic origin, she has lived and worked in Italy for many years, and the audience has always shown her affection: a broadcaster but also an actress. Vanessa has often been a victim of physical shame in recent years. Incontrada, as happens to many women, after pregnancy and other events saw a change in her body which made her vulnerable to offensive attacks.

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Vanessa Incontrada New Attack on Body Exposing

On several occasions, Vanessa Incontrada has shown that she is not affected by wrongdoing that she considers stupid and baseless He hopes that his firm and resolute stance will set an example for many Women who suffer from these pressures. Vanessa was recently a beach photographer and the shot, which was published in a well-known magazine, caused a lot of talk: The prominent curves of the presenter have been the subject of criticism for days. Vanessa preferred not to respond to the controversy, avoiding giving space to some sterile and useless comparisons.

Continuous attacks The physical shame of Vanessa Encontrada even from haters doesn’t discourage him The announcer who in these hours published a story where she shows herself with her boyfriend Claudio Bessio. The photo links to a comment intended to silence any potential criticism of her physical appearance: Blast from the past Zellige 2021… Love this picture… Love our physical appearance…love us…I love the affection that exists.”

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Vanessa Encontrada and Claudio Bessio, a special friendship

Vanessa Encontrada and Claudio Bessio had an instant feel on stage right from the start. the couple She always said that she is very close and that a special friendship was born between them That still today is fueled by sincere affection. The two after making several editions of zellige, Last year they returned to the stage for two special episodes of the hit comic format.

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The actress who is participating in the filming of the second season of Fosca Innocenti, He stated in some interviews To love Claudio Bessio so much, The comedian was for her her first true artistic love: “That was my first artistic love. We are one and we will always be one.”

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